Bad Fannibals

To whom it may concern

First of all if this person reads this they know who they are. Lets just lead it at that.

Look if you just wanted Tattle-Crime out of the way. I get that. Most of the sources I use on here are people who didn’t want to be my friend they just hated Tattle-Crime and had information. Cool. They hand it over to me, I post it, I never talk to them again. Most of the time I don’t know their real names or see their faces but it’s proof. Verifiable proof.

You on the other hand? You apparently pretended to be my friend, promised me a whole bunch of shit you never came through on, and now that Tattle-Crime is gone you don’t have time for me.

Two months ago you were saying XYZ is true. Now you are saying ABC is true and you have NO idea where I got the idea that XYZ is true. It’s is painfully obvious what happened here.

You don’t like me, and you never did. However, you didn’t like Tattle-Crime more than me. Understandable. So. You came to me pretending to be all nice, pretending it was okay to have my opinions (and even agreed to some extent). You talked to me for hours a night, I talked to you about personal things. Stuff friends do. Not all our conversations had to do with Tattle-Crime or even the fandom. This, to me, denotes some level of friendship. I dunno maybe I’m wrong about that.

Then, Tattle-Crime shuts down in January. Basically the only thing YOU wanted to happen. After that, there’s no more time for me. Which, is a fucking dick move. Now, if I was an actual dick I’d tell everyone who you were. In fact it would be really easy for me to prove it. I could go to any one of these girls still. Roxy, or Cleo or whoever. I could show them our chats and what you were saying. But I’m not a dick. Because when I say that I keep sources confidential I do. You are so goddamn lucky I actually have a moral code and I don’t use people. Not like you. If you think I fail to realize what the fuck just happened here, then you have really insulted my intelligence.

So…go on with your life but I hope the next person you do this too is just as forgiving as me because if not well you are going down along with your whole stupid little empire. Also, I still really hope Bryan Fuller gets hit by a truck. I’ll never STOP hoping that. Fuck you. Fuck your head games and fuck anyone who happens to be in Fuller’s cult. At this point that’s exactly what his fans are. Cult members. Whether they like Hannibal or not. I’m done dealing with them. And this.

This website will remain up to gather information and to serve as a warning to anyone thinking about getting into either of these fandoms (Fuller or Hannibal) because seriously I have never met a higher amount of shitty fucking people. Watch the show, don’t talk to anyone about it online. They are all big fat fucking jerks.


Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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