Tattle-Crime Saga

The First “Staff” meeting

Chapter Six: The First “Staff” Meeting


Everything provided in this post is truth to the best of my knowledge. Some names have been changed to protect those I believe to be innocent parties (or at the request of those who provided the information). The chat transcripts, tweets, and other photographs are used under the fair use act and are available publicly anyway so I’m merely pointing people in that direction. I have very little real information on the woman who ran Tattle-Crime.com other than my own experiences and conversations with her which I am recalling as 100% factual to the best of my ability. However with any story like this one must realize that it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As much information as I have, I also have very little information. If you know who ran the site Tattle-Crime.com or currently are connected to her in any way I advise you to call your local authorities. She is in severe need of mental help. You can view videos, proof, pictures, and more in much greater detail at my website: http://www.TattleCrime.Org.

It wasn’t long after that point that TC decided to take it upon herself to talk to Laura and for the first time ever Laura actually listened. Then came the lies upon lies that I wasn’t aware were lies until much, much later. What happened was that TC started to tell us that a guy I’m just going to call Hank was instigating both me and Laura into thinking we were both sending each other anon hate and she made a common enemy. It’s basically like what cult leaders do in order to bond people together. Take someone, bad or not, and demonize them so everyone has a reason to hate that person and they can bond over that. Hank, in actuality had done nothing wrong, but TC was the master at sins of omission and telling half truths to force the information into the correct light to get the result that she personally wanted, no matter how fictitious she was actually being. I was led to believe that Laura had basically done nothing wrong, ever, in this entire situation and that it had been Hank the whole time pretending to be me on the anonymous messaging bo. I believed he was doing the same to me but posing as Laura. TC used this to her advantage to “bring us together” which caused me to apologize to Laura for being an asshole. She never actually apologized to me but she did accept my apology, whatever, and we did this all over a group voice chat.

In that chat was me, Gail (TC’s girlfriend who she claims is her boyfriend and who I was only allowed to call Hannibal), Roxy, Jaimie, Lauren, TC (of course), Laura, and Sam. Lauren wasn’t allowed to talk, or at least what I was told was she didn’t want to talk she was just very shy which turned out not at all to be true. TC said she would be typing her responses. To this day I don’t know if Lauren actually wanted to do that, was actually responding herself, or if TC some how had control over her Skype account. Even with the text responses she didn’t say much about anything other than just agree with what TC was saying. TC set up this whole world where Hank was enemy number one. At the time she had good proof and for some reason (despite being friends with him) Lauren and Jaimie confirmed that this Hank guy was a total creeper. So did Laura. Even though Laura was also friends with him, got him to loan her money for something, then blocked him when he tried to ask her to pay it back and subsequently denied that he ever loaned her any amount at all.

TC said that Hank was stalking Lauren, now keep in mind she never used Lauren’s actual name like ever. Lauren’s handle at that point on twitter and on tumblr was TheTuexdos so TC granted her the nickname “Tux”. It took me forever to find out her name was actually Lauren and I only found that out because Sam told me, not because TC ever actually used it. TC was also very weird about telling me who was on her staff. Any time I’d ask something like “Well who is the Hannibal” on her blog something like that she’d be like “it’s not that hard to figure out I don’t really tell people but I reblog from them all the time”. So she basically told me to go figure it out myself which, I don’t know why she did that when she was openly telling Sam and anyone else who asked her who was on her staff. From the very start she didn’t trust me and was always saying stuff like “I don’t think you are a monster” which made her sound like she was in massive denial and totally thought I was a monster even though up until that point any interaction she’d had with me was basically nothing other than some opinions I had on her website (and her ability to accurately role-play as Freddie Lounds).

She told us that Hank had been sending Lauren, Roxy, and Laura money and gifts for no reason completely unsolicited. That he was talking about coming to visit them. She made it seem like Hank lived really close to Jaimie and that he was going to hunt her down. Most of all she was seemingly terrified that he was going to come and get Tux (MY TUX) as she would phrase it and take her away. Hank, on the other hand, had no idea that TC was saying any of this because she’d never talked to him. Ever. Not once at that point. There was actually no literal reason for her to be saying this other than she was overly obsessed with Lauren and she thought everyone was trying to steal her. TC also was very strict about my communications with Lauren because once on a singular occasion I said something mean to her. In season one when a blog attacked me (already mentioned the URL was AfterYourDeathOrMine) Lauren’s blog jumped into the mix and started to attack me too. I didn’t know it was Lauren. What I did know is this group of people were all in a little role-play clique because those groups in that fandom get incredibly elitist and become bullies. So she started to shit on me too, despite not even being a part of the original argument. As such I defended myself against her and several other role-play blogs because I don’t just take shit lying down.

Apparently this got back to TC, this or several hundred other things, I really don’t know because it was probably a lot, and before I ever even talked to her she had decided that I was some sort of demon that needed to be destroyed. She also decided this with Hank arbitrarily and that’s when the stories she invented came out. That he had been arrested at work for trying to rape two women and that he was texting people pictures of himself with knives to Lauren and Jaimie. The part that she left out was that the pictures were cosplay pictures for Hannibal so no shit they were going to have knives in them. The part she left out about the police report was that it was a false accusation over something personal and these women didn’t like him. The accusation turned out to be completely unfounded because he didn’t do anything. Like I said, TC liked to leave out half of the story to make people look at shitty as possible. She also seemed to have a problem comprehending when someone was being sarcastic or not and this ended up leading to a lot of problems for me and Sam since both of us operate heavily in sarcasm.

The funny thing in all of this was the confirmation from Lauren and Jaimie that this man was doing all these things (Laura to some extent as well). At the same time they were confirming he was creepy and they were terrified of him they were all talking to him like he was their best friend. Hank actually had no idea any of them had said any of these things until months later when I attempted to expose TC and the fandom. He came and contacted me with proof that TC was a liar (not that I needed much) and we realized what was going on and what she had done. She had made him the demon like she had done to me. From there we had common ground and he started to help me expose her as well because she’s a horrible person and should be stopped. In any case the conversation went on late into the night like the majority of them did and I signed off a bit later and went to sleep. It only got more intense from there.


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