Tattle-Crime Saga

Cutting A Deal With Tattle-Crime

Chapter Five: Cutting A Deal With TC


Everything provided in this post is truth to the best of my knowledge. Some names have been changed to protect those I believe to be innocent parties (or at the request of those who provided the information). The chat transcripts, tweets, and other photographs are used under the fair use act and are available publicly anyway so I’m merely pointing people in that direction. I have very little real information on the woman who ran Tattle-Crime.com other than my own experiences and conversations with her which I am recalling as 100% factual to the best of my ability. However with any story like this one must realize that it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As much information as I have, I also have very little information. If you know who ran the site Tattle-Crime.com or currently are connected to her in any way I advise you to call your local authorities. She is in severe need of mental help. You can view videos, proof, pictures, and more in much greater detail at my website: http://www.TattleCrime.Org.

After showing TC the art that Sam did and Sam agreeing to do some art for TC (mainly a sticker of Freddie Lounds for TC to promote and purchase herself) TC became a bit more agreeable and informative to me. Funny thing is that TC seemed to have no clue that the sticker was actually designed by me and tailored to my own requests. Slowly I was able to pull more and more information out of her until I got the spoiler that I had been looking for which was that Freddie Lounds actually wasn’t going to die in the show. I was relieved as well as annoyed because this meant I was going to have to watch a season three and since I already hated season two I couldn’t imagine it would be fun to wait for and view another season just to get a death scene, which was long overdue at that point. TC and I continued to talk regularly but still only over Tumblr and Sam and I were talking more and more often. Sam had her share of complaints about the fandom as well. Such as people who were overly obnoxious about “shipping” Mads and Hugh in real life. There is a theory floating around the fandom that Hugh and Mads are having a secret love affair together. Most people keep this idea to themselves, don’t think it’s real, and do it all in fun. Sam didn’t like it even if it was all in good fun (and kept private) but I was personally okay with it as long as people recognized it was fiction. Yet plenty of people on that website think that Hugh and Mads are actually together and that the show was a front to get them together because they secretly had a love affair with each other years ago when they met on the set of King Arthur. They think Hugh’s wife is a beard and Hugh is actually gay. They also aren’t at all afraid to say these things publicly even though they know that Fuller regularly accesses the site and Hugh has been on it several times (as well as Mads).

I explained to Sam all the shit that had gone down with Laura and how ridiculous it was. At that point I had already had my mediator talk to Laura about leaving me alone and the whole stupid non apology letter she had sent had gotten to me. I hate Laura and Sam wasn’t really fond of her either. She wasn’t an artist she was a thief and attention whore who some how had way too many idiot followers to do her stupid bidding whenever she asked them to do it. This led to the campaign I mentioned to spam David Bowie’s twitter to get him on Hannibal. See, at some point in season one Fuller mentioned something about David Bowie being on Hannibal to play Hannibal Lecter’s uncle Robertus. The Hannibal fandom, for the most part, does not know anything about Bowie beyond being Jareth in Labyrinth or the Aladdin Sane bolt from the 70’s. They all pretended to be huge fans of him because Fuller showed that he wanted the guy in the show. To be fair, I was aware of Bowie before this point but I wasn’t super into him. When he was brought up again I met my now fiance who taught me all about Bowie and I got super into his music, art, and life story. Far more so than most of the Hannibal fandom. The thing is any true fan of Bowie’s would know why he wouldn’t want to do the show or talk to Fuller about doing it. The poser fans were the people who thought it was a good idea to spam his twitter (on the fourth of July of all days) to get him to be on the show.

This annoyed me to no end because, well I hate to be that “LEAVE BOWIE ALONE” asshole but that’s really what they needed to do. Bowie’s big, big stance in life (one of them) was not to do anything to please his fans because he said an artist does his worst work when he does that. That stance alone should have indicated to anyone who was an actual fan of his that spamming his twitter would never work. That actual fans know that he in no way ran his twitter account and it was pointless to direct any petitions to him. Not to mention the day they chose (independence day) was the worst day to attempt to get any sort of attention to any sort of hash tag because “MURICA”. They were still doing it anyway and even worse, Rick (aka Tool Bag Rick) who ran the official account for the production company had decided that it was a good idea to promote this bullshit. That was the last straw for me. Harassing Bowie over a really shitty TV show when he had better things to do? Yeah I wasn’t going to stand for that.

Laura was behind it and another girl with a blog called ImagineHannibalLecter which touts itself as a “meditation blog”. In actuality the blog is just full of dumb one or two lined text posts like “Imagine Hannibal Lecter eating a pineapple” because this girl has some weird ass obsession with pineapples. Not even joking, go look up her blog. Even with all her stupid posts she some how got super popular (no idea why) and was able to monetize her sites with ads because I guess apparently people just had to have their daily dose of imagining Hannibal Lecter doing the most out of character and stupid shit that this cow could possibly come up with. I’m totally serious the fandom is literally this fucking stupid and that pisses me off.

I was really, super, terribly annoyed and when I get that way I like to go out driving. I had my phone and iPad with me so I could listen to music and keep talking to Sam who (god bless her) was doing her best to calm me down. As noted I have ample reason to hate Laura for everything she does as well as the shitty production company. Still being under the entirely wrong impression that TC had any power in the fandom I asked her if she could talk to Laura to get her to stop being a dick. She seemed to realize at that point I was super upset and that’s when she pounced. Her M.O is getting involved with people when they are at their weakest so she can try to weasel her way into their brains and take control of them. I had pulled over into the parking lot of a McDonalds and was leaching off of their free WiFi from outside of the building in order to talk to her when she suggested that we get on Skype voice because she could only trust people if she could hear their voice. I didn’t exactly care so I hooked up to Skype with her.

I sat there talking to her in that parking lot for hours. We covered a number of topics, including the entire story of why Laura hated me in the first place. She claimed she didn’t like Laura that much either but also didn’t really hate her. She said that she’d never really had that much contact with her which was 50% a lie. At that point she became determined to end a two year long and very public feud between me and Laura so she could be seen as some sort of awesome angelic peacekeeper that everyone would love because she was so goddamn amazing. I told her I didn’t think it was actually going to work but I was desperate to get Laura to stop being such a damn bitch to me so whatever maybe she’d listen. I also believed (not known to TC) that since Laura was under some impression that TC was popular it would benefit her to do what TC said. I say believed because Laura had much more information on TC than I had been told and they had interacted quite a bit before that point. Obviously at that time I didn’t have that information so I thought was I was doing was within my best interest to end the harassment.

I don’t remember many specifics of the conversation from that night, other than TC insisted she actually was Freddie Lounds. What she told me (then) was that she kinda wasn’t really Freddie (but actually was) and that her and her “boyfriend” Hannibal lived their life as a role-play all the time. They never broke character. I was insistent that I wanted to get to know the real her not Freddie Lounds. Or at least her version of Freddie which honestly was as far removed from the actual character as it could possibly be, causing me to constantly wonder why anyone liked anything that she did or she had the thousands of followers she did have (even if she had far less than Laura and many other blogs in the fandom). The best answer I was actually able to get out of her was that the real her was boring but it didn’t matter anyway because the real her was also Freddie Lounds. “I am Freddie Lounds anyway so it doesn’t matter”. She was always very firm on the fact that she legitimately was Freddie Lounds. Figuring that we were now friends and I had time to gain her trust more and work on getting to actually know her I let it go. It wasn’t the best idea I ever had, in fact it was one of the worst at least when it comes to dealing with the rampant madness that rules over this fandom like a damn plague.


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