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The Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom (part 5)

Chapter Four: Sam


Everything provided in this post is truth to the best of my knowledge. Some names have been changed to protect those I believe to be innocent parties (or at the request of those who provided the information). The chat transcripts, tweets, and other photographs are used under the fair use act and are available publicly anyway so I’m merely pointing people in that direction. I have very little real information on the woman who ran other than my own experiences and conversations with her which I am recalling as 100% factual to the best of my ability. However with any story like this one must realize that it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As much information as I have, I also have very little information. If you know who ran the site or currently are connected to her in any way I advise you to call your local authorities. She is in severe need of mental help. You can view videos, proof, pictures, and more in much greater detail at my website: http://www.TattleCrime.Org.

Around the time I had first started talking to TC (probably a bit before) a girl named Sam contacted me on my main anti-feminist blog after reading about how I was harassed in the fandom. She was intent on apologizing on behalf of them (not something anyone had ever tried to do before) and insisted they were assholes and no one should be treated the way I had been treated over a TV show. We talked privately via the ask box system on Tumblr for a bit and then fan mail before moving it over to Skype where we started to talk all the time. As I mentioned I was into role-play and so was she so it wasn’t long before we were doing Hannibal themed role-plays basically every night. After about a month of that she sent me a message telling me a friend of hers was in the hospital and she wasn’t going to be on that night but I could text her and we could still keep in touch which we did. We basically never stopped texting from that point. It was more or less all day every day until she’d get online at night and role-play with me again. Sometimes we’d chat about fandom things and when Hannibal was on we’d watch it together and discuss it (that was until I just completely quit watching the show). She still liked it which was fine and at the time she was okay with me not liking it.

I found out that she was an artist and a very good one at that. She did some art for Hannibal that she sent me and I thought it was great. Since I was talking to TC at the time and I knew that Sam was looking to get more exposure for her art, I decided that it would be really cool to get her featured on thinking that she’d get a lot of exposure if she did that. Like many, many, MANY other artists I was tricked into thinking that this website got a lot more traffic than it actually did. It turned out that working with TC was more of a nightmare than it was a dream as the only girl she was really ever actually trying to promote was another artist named Lauren. Though Sam was featured on her website once or twice she really didn’t see that much change in exposure to her artwork or the redouble account that I begged her to set up because I thought she could make some money off of it. This was all based on TC’s promises that if she posted this art it would get exposure and Sam would get a massive amount of sales which never happened.

On one occasion TC sent out artwork to the writers and producers and even Bryan Fuller but didn’t credit anyone other than Lauren. TC was fond of doing this because she was the queen of taking credit for things that she never actually did. Around this point is when Sam decided that she wanted to get back at TC and we were going to expose her for what she had been doing. Not wanting to skip ahead I will take time to briefly explain what the friendship with Sam meant to me. She was like someone I had never met before. Actually a genuine person who genuinely wanted to do the right thing and show me that not all Hannibal fans were flaming assholes. She allowed me opportunities that I’d never have had if it weren’t for her helping me out. She was a great friend and even a soulmate. Not in the romantic sense of the word but in the way that we meshed really completely. We even did a role-play that ran for 8 months straight on the same storyline. We complimented each others styles, liked everything the other liked, for the most part and if we had disagreements we handled them like adults would. She was one of the first in real life friends I had in a long time (she didn’t live too far from me, still doesn’t).

Unfortunately in December of 2014 me and her had a huge falling out. I won’t blame it all on her and I won’t say it was entirely my fault. I don’t know how much of a role TC played in that either. Mostly because a lot of the things she started to say to me sounded like they were coming straight from TC’s mouth. Sam wasn’t exactly the strongest most “stand up for myself” type of person. Though she wasn’t as spineless as someone like Lauren or Roxy she also didn’t like to make waves or cause drama which would add actress stress into her adult life, which I completely understand. It’s why I had deleted my blog in the first place. To avoid those assholes and avoid that drama. It was odd, her change of pace suddenly not being okay with me having opinions on Bryan Fuller. Reportedly around the same time the other girl I mentioned, Lauren, she started to say the same things. Both of them flew off the handle if anyone tried to say anything bad about Bryan Fuller. It’s the cult like mentality I have seen in this fandom repeatedly since the beginning of season two and to present day. I wasn’t surprised Lauren of all people was doing it but Sam? Someone who really never bought into all of that bullshit before and was okay with my opinions until after having to deal with TC all the time? I don’t know what the breaking point was for her but I know what I was for me. Even as stupid as it was. I know that the three of us more than likely all played our parts in this to end the friendship the way it did end and I deeply regret everything I said and did after that point in order to get back at her believing that she had been a “double agent” the entire time and working for TC to gather information in order to trash me.

Sam and I have recently been talking with each other again but unfortunately due to my own behavior and the behavior of TC (I can’t say Sam actually did anything herself other than not step forward to tell me that what I was being told wasn’t true) I don’t think the friendship will ever be the same. Though I wish it could be, because Sam is an amazing person and I would love to be as close with her as I was before, I can’t ask for more than I have now which is an occasional message via a different social media type site (which I won’t mention here). Sam is a great person, a great artist, and she was put through a bunch of shit she should have never been put through at my insistence that it was a really good idea to “work” for Maybe, one day we can reconcile to a point where we don’t completely hate each other but over the course of the rest of the story you’ll start to understand how bad things got and why it eventually would have gotten to this point anyway.


3 thoughts on “The Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom (part 5)

  1. First, let me say that this entry I found to be very sad. I hate to see a good solid friendship become fractured in such a way. I’m sorry, from what you described. It sounds like you and Sam were good pals before the falling out.

    This ‘Tattle Crime’ administrator should be ashamed, and should also be legally prosecuted if at all possible (although probably not) I mean that’s just infringement, taking someone’s art and sharing it without crediting them.

    I have a Follower on Twitter (ArtByNash) who does superb art with color pencils, and she still gets the typical thievery from people who blur out her watermarks and try to take credit for her work.

    You got me interested in Sam and seeing her work. She should look into making an Etsy account if it’s feasible, and sell them there.


    1. If this is a real e-mail address I’ll send you some of Sam’s art. That’s not her real name but she’s asked me to change it for the story (I do have permission to tell the story though) she’s one of the sources I mention through out this site. If that’s not a real email address I guess I’ll figure that out soon enough. She’s gotten WAY better since when I first met her I’m glad to see how much she’s improved.


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