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CleoLinda Denies Tattle-Crime, but why?

As mentioned in this post, CleoLinda seems intent on convincing not just me but A LOT of people she’s barely had any interaction with Tattle-Crime.com before season two. On paper that’s what it looks like anyway. They are good at covering up their relationship. Sources tell me otherwise. Sources that have interacted with her either via conventions or staff meetings. These two are very close, Cleo isn’t just her passing staff. Yet they seem to have been covering this up since before I even got involved. Not too long ago a message was sent to Cleo’s blog:

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.14.36 AM

Which isn’t true. There were posts on Cleo’s blog (livejournal) about Tattle-Crime trying to sell merchandise for her (or at least using her name to sell merch) in less then “several weeks” of before this question was asked. They didn’t lose touch. You previously used to be able to see their twitter history before Tattle-Crime went private. They were in contact a lot more than they want people to believe. But why are they hiding it?

The thing is that very few people know about this woman on her staff. Yet she was there before anyone. Cleo only appears on tumblr talking about TC in season 2 but TC made a LiveJournal Blog for Tattle-Crime in very early season one:
Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.28.28 AM

As you can see it was created May 2013 and never updated. Right around the time she sent this tweet:

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 1.58.24 AM

So she claims that Cleo did one of her first interviews. One which was also never on her site and I’ve never heard of. This was sent out in July of 2013 according to this archive. (You have to scroll a bit down to find it, near the bottom)

This denotes that she some how knew Cleo before she really started anything because she some how knew to interview her even though Cleo doesn’t really appear active anywhere in the fandom until 2014, season 2. There is also a history of tweets between the two of them that you can only now see from Cleo’s account.

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.26.29 AM

May 2013, the time when TC started the livejournal. Yet still according to that message up there they only worked on “A few projects” together. which clearly isn’t true with how active they were taking on Twitter before I exposed TC. In fact it seems that TC consulted on some sort of makeup kit that Cleo was selling AFTER Tattle-Crime.com went dead:

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.23.49 AM

As you can see she or both of them were trying to sell some makeup kit inspired by the show. It’s down at the bottom. So, why is Cleo trying to sell stuff for or with Tattle-Crime? They only worked on a FEW projects? Really? Seems like they were actually good friends. As I’ve already noticed, everyone stopped mentioning her and talking directly to her once she stopped making too many updates in late December of 2015. She probably told them to stop to avoid getting caught again which isn’t surprising. A lot of tweets went missing or were straight up deleted but so many of them were incriminating it seems TC decided to just protect her account instead, since there’s no way she’d be able to delete all of the tweets that I got screencaps of. It remains to be seen if she’ll return.

On LiveJournal there is another journal called FreddieLounds which is the runner/maintainer of the TattleCrime livejournal and the ONLY friend on there? CleoLinda:

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.29.26 AM

Created the same time as the tattlecrime journal. With the same birthday TC claims is her birthday. Neither were ever updated. For whatever reason these two don’t want people to know they are connected to each other. Cleo hasn’t updated her Livejournal since I started posting about her. Her last post was from when David Bowie died. She also shut off her messaging system on Tumblr (unless she follows you as a mutual) so no one can confront her about this.

There’s also these posts I found, which I mentioned before, that I’m 99% sure are about TC considering what Cleo describes and what my experience with TC was. I’m wondering who these people are and why they would go through such lengths to hide working with each other when Cleo is basically a nobody anyway. She’s never been FAMOUS other than for 5 minutes when CNN mentioned some stupid fan fiction she wrote once.

What I can say, is this. If these people are innocent or whatever their behavior and instinct to run away denotes guilt, whether they mean to be doing it or not.

Screen shot 2016-03-14 at 2.42.55 AM

The one thing Cleo doesn’t seem shy about is showing her face, unlike TC, however they are both clearly overweight individuals with really unhealthy obsessions over dolls and cult fandoms. I’d think they were the same person if people hadn’t heard them talk separately in the same conversation. What I will say is I do think they are related in some capacity and for whatever reason Cleo is covering up for TC…probably because everyone damn well knows she’s a wanted criminal.


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