Bad Fannibals

The Cult Of Bryan Fuller (Chapter Two)

Chapter Two: The Cult Of Bryan Fuller


Everything provided in this manuscript is truth to the best of my knowledge. Some names have been changed to protect those I believe to be innocent parties (or at the request of those who provided the information). The chat transcripts, tweets, and other photographs are used under the fair use act and are available publicly anyway so I’m merely pointing people in that direction. I have very little real information on the woman who ran other than my own experiences and conversations with her which I am recalling as 100% factual to the best of my ability. However with any story like this one must realize that it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As much information as I have, I also have very little information. If you know who ran the site or currently are connected to her in any way I advise you to call your local authorities. She is in severe need of mental help. You can view videos, proof, pictures, and more in much greater detail at my website: http://www.TattleCrime.Org.

Before I get into what happened between me and the woman who ran, I want to mention quite a few other people who stood out as the top most obnoxious blogs on the planet. They still exist too, and for some reason the fandom absolutely loves them despite their shitty and pretentious know it all behavior. These blogs either steal content or write the dumbest shit possible and some how maintain a following doing this. There are a lot of blogs who love to write “meta” or headcanon to explain why characters act a certain way. There are many offenders of this and they all basically are cult members to Bryan Fuller. I don’t use the term lightly either. A huge portion of the fandom displays very cult like behavior towards this man. You cannot question him. You cannot correct him. You cannot criticize him. You cannot do anything other than kiss his ass and act like his version of the show is the best version ever (even better than that original books). A lot of them will tell you the books are stupid or don’t at all matter, some how failing to realize that without the original source material they wouldn’t even have a show. Laura even stated once that she refuses to read the books because she needs to prove to people that you don’t have to know the books (or enjoy them) in order to enjoy the show. This is because Bryan Fuller is the greatest man of all time and we need not look at the actual brilliance that came before him.

BoneArenaOfMySkull: This woman is in her forties and married. She claims that she’s some sort of English professor and she knows the books better than anyone (as well as the show). Her claim to fame is writing extremely long, rambling, pointless, and contradictory essays on how “wounded” and “fragile” Will Graham is. Not to mention explaining why Hannigail (the relationship between Hannibal and Abigail) is a real thing. My first experience with her was a novel length essay “proving” that Hannibal was in love with Abigail. It started out with saying that the books didn’t apply to the show because it was a different universe, but by the middle of the essay she was quoting things from the books. Things about Hannibal and Clarice as well as comparing Abigail to Clarice which made no sense seeing as how they were two different characters, at two different points in time, that would have never had anything to do with each other. Though there was some weird idea (at first, in season one) that Abigail was going to become Clarice Starling (despite that being the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard) this woman completely played into it. This left her with minions of teenage girl followers who were desperate to believe Hannibal was deeply in love with Abigail. Since an adult was confirming this, well it was truth, even if her essay on it made no sense. I tried to talk to her about it rationally, pointing out how hypocritical and oddly phrased it was. She told me flat out that I’d understand it better if I’d ever read the books. As if the books were some rare tomes of information that only she had and no one else had read. I explained to her that i had read the books and she was more or less talking out of her ass to get attention. This was when she wrote me off and started to claim that I was some sort of troll. Common place for people who tell you things that you don’t like to hear or have opinions you don’t agree with.

Heroes-Get-Made: Her claim to fame, sort of, was following me for the first season and getting reblogged by me a lot. One of the things she got “famous” for doing was her cheer up posts. Basically she would steal gifs from the site that were all the same category like, cute cats or something, and then label it a “cheer up” post to make people happy. Then people would request these posts and she’d make them and tag them to people. Positively no creativity on her part other than how to google up shit that she didn’t make to copy and paste onto her blog. For some reason she turned against me as well, probably because it was the trendy thing to do. In season two she started to prompt people to report my fan fiction for containing rape even when they didn’t. She just thought that it wasn’t okay for me to ship Hannibal with Freddie. She didn’t like what I wrote so she lied about the content and told people to report me. I honestly have no idea what I did or said to her in order to get her to turn on me. I tried to confront her several times to ask her why she suddenly hated me and wasn’t defending me any more. I never got any sort of answer on this. People are a slave to trends on that website. She continued to hate me through season three as well and tell people that I was some kind of rapist and pervert. Urging people to harass me on my fan fiction account until it was ultimately removed due to the high number of reports. It wasn’t even the same website as Tumblr nor mandatory for anyone to see but if the fannibals don’t like it, they get to decide if it exists or not. Originally her name was Haanigram. She was okay to start with but then progressively got worse and worse. In season one when it was suggested that Hannibal could possibly be submissive, she went on a tirade and harassed anyone who agreed with this. Even though me and Laura (and several other people) explained to her how this was possible she threw a bitch fit and denied it. When she had enough of it, she pretended not to speak English or understand what was being said to her. Somewhere in season two she bought the domain “” and hosted it through tumblr. She also put up ads on her site for a period of time but they were removed after she was telling people to click on them to get her more money. When that happened she started to try to sell fake nudes of Mads Mikkelsen to make money on her site. She is a pretty awful person, doesn’t have much original content, but she gains her follower count because of her domain name. Much like did. A lot of people got followers just because of their user name, not due to content. For some reason that’s how it works on that website.

Revnickie: I don’t know really how she found out who I am, where we first met or talked, or officially what her problem is with me other than the fact that she probably heard some stuff about me and decided she hated me. In season two she started to spread the same rumors about me like everyone else. She stands out to me because even though I tried to talk to her as well, she instantly decided that I was not worth her time. She is another woman in her forties who is married and positively obsessed with Mads Mikkelsen. At a convention I attended she was practically drooling on him and couldn’t have been more obnoxious. She claims that I was never at that convention even though I have pictures of myself at the same one as her and it’s really hard to deny it at that point (or at least should be but for some reason despite my proof she is able to convince people I never went to MonsterMania where she went). She also has harassed me numerous times for being “too old” to be on Tumblr when she’s at least ten years older than me and like BoneArenaOfMySkull most of her followers are teenage girls who run around and harass people she doesn’t like. She has also been known to go on long rants about me for no reason complaining that I attend conventions and I’m a loser for spending money on them, as if she’s a queen for doing the exact same thing she condemns me for doing. She’s less popular than BoneArena but she has her own following.

AfterYourDeathOrMine: In season one, mid season, this blog was a role-play blog that I contacted. She asked me for “proof” that I was good at roleplaying before she’d accept me as a partner. I sent her some transcripts of a long term storyline I had been doing. She in turn went on to shame me for my completely awful grammar that was so bad it would “take her out” of the mood to role-play then publicly shame me for sucking at life. I soon found out she knew my actual blog was Hannibals-Animal and it was more or less a trick to publicly humiliate me. She’s another blog for some reason, completely unprompted, decided to start telling others that I bully trans people and I hate them. Also that I was homophobic. If you are wondering why this comes up so much it’s because on Tumblr the most precious people ever are the gays and the trans people (even if 99% of trans people on that site are only pretending to be trans because it lets them play the “stop oppressing me” card if they are called out for being an ass). If you want to get someone attacked you tell other people that they are transphobic/homophobic/racist or some type of bigot. That’s why she decided to do that. She wouldn’t take down the posts unless I wrote her an apology (at lot of people demand this). When I did write her an apology, one of her friends took it, and sentence by sentence dissected it and wrote an essay on what I REALLY meant because I was psychotic and not truly sorry. She created an essay on my “mental illness” that I totally probably had and diagnosed me with several weird things. This also wasn’t uncommon.

Ask-Dr-Lecter: This was another blog I attempted to role-play with. Once again same as the previous situation. It was really only to trap me so they could publicly shame me. When I called them out on it they went to my blog and took screenshots of a bunch of posts out of context and also wrote an entire essay on me discussing this diagnosis that they were giving me that I totally did not have. The essay is still in my tag I think. People were really fond of writing essays on what mental illness they wanted to diagnose me with and for some reason the fandom took this as proof that I was these things and I also wasn’t being treated even though they couldn’t be farther from the truth. As much time as people complained I spent writing about them, they were busy writing actual books about me, inventing disorders that I had and playing the part of a psychiatrist because they had taken one psychology class or role-played as Hannibal Lecter.

Gurottesque: I was role-play partners with her for about a year. We role-played as Hannibal and Bedelia (I was Hannibal). I found out that she lived about an hour away from me in a city called Stow. We met and hung out a few times. It wasn’t too long later that we decided to start dating. She was obsessed with Gillian Anderson. Highly obsessed. Even with as much as I like David Bowie I can’t talk about him every day all day for hours on end. Nor do I gush like she did about Gillian. She was also insanely insecure about role-play and had to bug me every five minutes about if she was doing okay or not. She believed all her ex boyfriends to be stalking her when the real explanation for that was she lived in a really small town and would just run into them on occasion. When we broke up we decided to stay friends. Except, for some reason she got super clingy. She would get upset with me if I didn’t answer her texts immediately. She started to claim that I was plotting against her out of nowhere. She actually does have a history of mental illness but the hell if I know what her diagnosis is. One day I came home to a note saying that if I ever contacted her again I’d be reported for harassment. Thinking that she was just having one of her episodes I contacted her a few times. She didn’t respond. I told her to lose my number because I never wanted to hear from her again and called her a stupid bitch on twitter. Five hours after that point she went to the police and told them I was harassing her and she was afraid for her life. On her blog she was posting about how “another psycho ex was trying to kill her”. None of which was true. I had to explain to police that she was mentally ill and when prompted to read back anything I said that was a threat the police officer was stumped. I told him that it was stupid and he told me it wasn’t his job to tell people when they felt threatened or not. After that point I wrote this girl off as a psycho bitch.

FannibalMonica: I don’t know where to start with this girl. For one, I hadn’t ever even talked to her until well after season three had ended and the show had been cancelled. By this point had shut down her website. Seeing as how she was in Tattle-Crime’s cult (more on that to come) she was upset that I was roleplaying and cosplaying as Freddie Lounds. Her harassment continued for an entire month. When confronted by my friend, she claimed several delusional things that weren’t true. Other than not believing he wasn’t actually me, even after getting pictures as proof, she decided that I wasn’t allowed to have the name Monica because she owned it. She doxed me as well (posted my name/address/personal information online). Then she stole pictures of me, kept telling people I was born a man, and demanded I leave the fandom forever or she was never going to stop. She told him I was banned from conventions I was never banned from and even when presented with proof of this she denied she was wrong. To get any answers from her at all she had to be asked the same question at least ten times. She would constantly interrupt the conversation to accuse me of weird things, like the fact that Monica Edwards was an ex of mine I was obsessed with. Or that she couldn’t possibly be stalking me because I wasn’t a celebrity. It’s believed that she was taking so long to answer questions because she was getting her answers from Tattle-Crime who really doesn’t have any at all. She accused me of having an eating disorder and a drug problem saying that she had “seen the posts” I’d made on it. Posts that she could never actual show my friend because they don’t exist. She also claimed that I never met the woman who ran Tattle-Crime (even though there is sufficient proof I was connected to her) and that there was no Tattle-Crime staff despite the woman having a public list of who was on her staff right on her website (before it was shut down). Anyone who confronted her she said was actually me and demanded proof of them not being me, but when they provided proof she claimed they were me anyway. She spends her days tweeting Bryan Fuller and harassing Netflix trying to get them to pick up Hannibal for another season even though Fuller has made it clear that will not happen for a least another few years (if it even does).

BedeliaDuMaurier: This girl is a feminist, and a radical one at that. She has been on my ass for a few years now. One of her biggest things was to reblog posts with passive aggressive or overtly aggressive statements. She accused me of being a man several times and also a sexist/misogynist because I wanted Hannibal and Bedelia to end up together. For the record, she did too, until she saw the ending of the show and decided retroactively that the relationship was abusive. In the summer of 2015 she tried to get me banned from a convention because I wanted to ask Gillian Anderson a question about feminism that was also anti-feminist. She’s been known to screenshot my posts and respond to them instead of directly talking to me so she can avoid any sort of actual discussion and just get me attacked. When confronted she claims she doesn’t care that I know she’s doing it but she does it that way intentionally so she won’t be confronted by me. I used to have her URL in season one, as much as she will deny it, and the only reason she has it is because I was harassed out of the Hannibal fandom and was forced to delete that blog along with my main when I left the first time.

KaterSkater223: Yet another 40 year old woman in this fandom who is also completely crazy. According to her twitter account she basically follows Hugh Dancy around to all of his public appearances to get photo ops with him. I have it on good authority that she’s autistic but no one actually knows for sure. She has been after me since mid-season three when me and a few other people started a blog called “bad fannibals” that was so incredibly attacked it was moved off of tumblr to get away from those people. No one wants to discuss anything rationally in that fandom and there couldn’t be more proof of this than “Kater” because of how she treats me. Other than attacking my appearance (and looking far less attractive than me, not trying to be mean it’s just a fact if you saw a picture of her you’d understand what I’m talking about) she is also insistent that I am not the “real Freddie Lounds” and I have no rights to cosplay/roleplay her. She thinks that all the information I have on anyone in that fandom is because I illegally hacked accounts (not because these people behave this way in public for everyone to record and witness). She’s been visiting my website for hours a day, every day, for months and seems to be fixated on me and everything that I do. More so than I am on watching this fandom self destruct while they slowly realize they are not going to be renew for a season four like they keep demanding.


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