Bad Fannibals

The Horrors Of The Hannibal Fandom (2)

Chapter One: Laura

Everything provided in this post is truth to the best of my knowledge. Some names have been changed to protect those I believe to be innocent parties (or at the request of those who provided the information). The chat transcripts, tweets, and other photographs are used under the fair use act and are available publicly anyway so I’m merely pointing people in that direction. I have very little real information on the woman who ran other than my own experiences and conversations with her which I am recalling as 100% factual to the best of my ability. However with any story like this one must realize that it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As much information as I have, I also have very little information. If you know who ran the site or currently are connected to her in any way I advise you to call your local authorities. She is in severe need of mental help. You can view videos, proof, pictures, and more in much greater detail at my website: http://www.TattleCrime.Org.

In season one there was a blog called IDontFindYouThatInteresting, to be fair, there still is. She just moved to a domain name that she hosts through tumblr but her user name is still the same. Since both me and her were Hannibal only blogs we started to talk immediately. There were several of us from the start that were all kind of in a group and communicated with each other. Laura and I hit it off because we both role-played. She primarily played as Hannibal Lecter. I was various characters, but my favorite from the start was Freddie Lounds. Unfortunately for me, she was the most hated character in the fandom and in the show. Still is to a point. Laura agreed to do some roleplaying with me utilizing Freddie Lounds (as well as the second character I played named Bedelia Du Maurier). Bedelia wasn’t very popular either but she was more liked than Freddie Lounds.

Though I personally love Freddie, I have no failing to understanding why people hate the character. She isn’t exactly someone that is meant to be liked but that’s the kind of character I gravitate towards. As I mentioned, before I started my Hannibal blog I was doing anti-feminism things. I posted the truth that no one liked to hear and I took a lot of shit for it. Freddie in many ways was the same and so I was able to identify with her. She was only hated for telling the truth. In several instances people thought she was worse than Hannibal Lecter even though she’d never killed anyone or really committed too much of an actual crime. When I tried to ask people why Freddie was worse than Hannibal I was more or less met with the same conclusion over and over again. Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) was sexy and Freddie was a bitch because she was “mean to Will” who they also liked. There was no actual substance behind the immense hate that she got. It was more or less girls who wanted to be with Hannibal or shipped Will and Hannibal together and had some weird idea that she was trying to break them up. She was no worse than Hannibal or even Jack to Will, but since Jack had more redeeming qualities in season one he was skipped over. Besides, seeing as how they all idolized Abigail Hobbs (since she was the pretty, sniveling, teenage perpetual victim) it made sense that they’d hate the strong, intelligent, fearless, and independent woman, who didn’t need to depend on the other men in the show to advance her storyline.

In any case, I role-played with Laura for months. She had a “kinky” Hannibal blog for role-play even though she was incredibly inaccurate about kink and knew very little about BDSM. Whatever, I’m not a huge stickler for accuracy in role-play because it’s just role-play. She wasn’t widely inaccurate just not that great (not awful either) and it was rare to find a Hannibal that would role-play with a Freddie or a Bedelia (as neither of those things were popular to ship). Over the time we role-played we also talked a lot. We did this via something called KIK messenger so it was mostly on mobile or on my iPad. She never would role-play with me on her blog or in public, and at the time I couldn’t figure out why. Now it seems obvious. She didn’t want any sort of history of role-play with me that I could use against her later when she decided to turn on me.

One night she, completely out of the blue, asked me why I hated Abigail. This shouldn’t have even been a question she needed to ask as I made it very obvious on my blog and I had never been silent about it since then. I asked her why she needed to know, and also asked her why she didn’t already know. She asked me to indulge her again, I guess for shits and giggles. Of course at that point I went through the usual checklist of why I hated Abigail.

Abigail was, as I’ve been saying, the damsel in distress of the show. Also, her actions made no sense from episode to episode. In episode three it was revealed that she knew Hannibal was the man on the phone who triggered her dad into killing her mom and also attempting to kill her. For some reason she decides to keep this a secret and be friends with Hannibal anyway. Instead of telling literally anyone about this, even Will who was on her side. In fact, she hated Will. Because he killed her father, even though killing her father saved her life and she also seemed to really hate her father. She wasn’t exactly secretive about that either. In episode four she went to Hannibal’s house and willingly let him drug her. Early on in the show she killed a kid named Nick Boyle in self defense. Hannibal convinced her to hide the body because no one would believe it was self defense and as the little sheep she was, she did it. Which eventually led to a confrontation scene between her and Jack about who killed Nick, since Jack was finally starting to suspect that there was something not right about this. When confronted there, she once again protected Hannibal and decided to lie. She had plenty of people she could have talked to even if it wasn’t Will. Yet, she didn’t. After this point she seemed to get a bit “braggy” about what she had done. Her scenes with Freddie made her seem like a huge bitch, but her scenes alone made her seem like a whiny little baby. Scared of her own shadow. There was a dinner scene where it was shown that she figured out Hannibal was feeding everyone human meat but she still didn’t say anything, prompting a scene with her crying about how she was a monster and Hannibal telling her she wasn’t. He hugged her and the Hannibal and Abigail shippers went wild acting like this meant they were going to fuck, or something. Which was utterly unrealistic seeing as how she was a minor and there were at least three other people in the show Hannibal would have realistically ended up with before Abigail. Even Freddie was more interesting to him than that girl. After this she goes on a trip to her old cabin, despite also hating Will, and he confronts her telling her if she didn’t know who killed Melissa (another girl in episode one) then she knew who did. She did know, she knew it was Hannibal. Again she fails to say anything and after that, I guess, just run back to her house (an undisclosed amount of miles away). Hannibal is waiting for her in the kitchen there and he kills her. Or at least that’s what should have happened and appeared to have happened until the end of season two.

I didn’t like her because she was very weird about how she acted. The show never explained any of it either. It was a clear plot device move and she really only existed so that Hannibal could manipulate Will. The actress wasn’t a good actress either. She only appeared to be semi-decent because the other actors around her were really good at their jobs. Kacey alone cannot act and this is proven with the fact that every role she’s had before and after this point has basically been the same character. The crying murder victim or almost murder victim. She is Abigail in everything she does because she can’t do anything other than cry, scream, and look horrified which isn’t acting. She’s only famous because her father is famous. That’s about the end of it. I don’t like her for a multitude of legitimate reasons and these are them. This is what I explained to Laura when she asked, well repeated. Laura, for some unknown reason, got really pissed off when I told her that time. She insisted that I was not allowed to dislike Abigail because my reasons for not liking her were stupid. She claimed that if I liked how the other characters were written then I had to like Abigail and demanded I never say anything bad about the creator, Bryan Fuller. I told her that it was fine if Fuller didn’t write her correctly, that not everything as perfect at everything. I didn’t care if she liked Abigail (which she ultimately doesn’t) or anyone else did. I just wanted to have my opinion that Abigail was the dumbest piece of shit on the face of the planet. Lauren didn’t like this and tried to police my thoughts on her and tell me what I could or couldn’t post in public and on my blog.

This isn’t even something uncommon. I wasn’t allowed to have opinions on my own blog. I wasn’t allowed to tag anything. Or at least anything that the fandom hadn’t already collectively agreed was okay. For example, it was perfectly fine to put horrible things about Freddie in her tags but you were not allowed to say anything mean about Abigail in her tags. People would yell at me for doing that and I’d tell them that when they stopped hating on Freddie in the tags I’d stop hating on Abigail. The fandom had some weird “rule” that there is “no hate allowed in the tags” but there was and still is a ton of it. It’s just about who you hate and if they are okay to hate, not if you are allowed to do it or not. When they would send me hate, I’d put it back in the tags to show them that they couldn’t just anonymously send it to me and then never have to deal with it again. They complained about that too. I told them if they didn’t want to see the hate not to send me any which they also didn’t seem to understand. At one point I turned off my inbox completely and they began to use the “Fan mail” feature to send it to me. They were relentless. What they considered to be hate was extremely benign as well. Such as opinions I had that they didn’t like. They called that “harassment”. They also called it harassment when I defended myself from being attacked. Such as someone would post something shitty about me and I’d defend myself. If I did that, apparently I was harassing them. Laura was one of those people who believed these things and she had started to try to “reign me in” but I wasn’t going to be a part of her stupid little clique. I didn’t even like being as popular as I was anyway. It was pretty awful.

After we both went to bed after that conversation, Laura stopped responding to me for a few days. On the third day of being ignored I sent her a message asking if she was okay. She told me that she was sick and having headaches and the doctors thought she might have a brain tumor so she was just resting a lot. I told her that I hoped she’d be okay and to feel better and left her alone. Then I saw her role-play blog was being updated. I sent her another message asking her why she was roleplaying if she was also claiming she was too sick to role-play with me. She said that it was easier to role-play on her blog than on mobile where we did it. I told her we could just move the role-play to her blog and she refused. I told her if she didn’t want to role-play with me any more she could just say that but she assured me that wasn’t the case. I knew something weird was going on. It was at that point she got some anonymous hate. She claimed it was me and started to send people to attack me because she was such a victim and had done nothing wrong. I hadn’t sent her any messages where I wasn’t signed in, thinking she might want to actually be able to respond to me. Of course she claimed I was a liar even though I pointed out there was no reason for me to send her anonymous hate nor was there any way for her to tell who had sent it. That didn’t matter, though, she had more followers than me and they all listened to her without any sort of proof of anything.

I kept trying to talk to her but she refused to respond. One morning I got online and someone asked me why Laura was so upset with me. Until then she hadn’t said anything publicly. I went to her blog to see she had published some completely fictitious story about how I was psychotic, refused to take my medications, and this girl who sent this story knew me in real life. That’s all she had to say was she knew me in real life. This wasn’t true either. The girl in question was someone named Jay. I’ve never met her. We just role-played for a few months until she had a psychotic breakdown and tried to kill her husband and her self in some sort of black out. When that happened she went into the hospital and was contacting me regularly. As it so happened, at the time, I had to get a bunch of oral surgery. I was in a lot of pain and recovering so I basically wasn’t talking to anyone other than a few people. Of course this meant she got neglected. I eventually took time to explain to her what was going on and she got really upset with me. Telling me I didn’t care and then started to blame me for what she had done. I wrote her off and blocked her. It turned out to be a mistake because she went right to Laura with this “proof” that I, apparently, was the psycho and that it needed to be exposed. Laura just confirmed it was true because she knew me and that it was really sad that I refused to get help for my mental illness (which by the way I don’t even have).

The anonymous stories started to come in. One of which said that I hated trans people and had bullied a trans person into killing themselves. Also not true. It didn’t matter what the anonymous person said about me, Laura confirmed it as truth and because she confirmed it, her followers just thought it was true. Her followers aren’t too bright. They are people paying for her awful etsy store crap like bottles of glitter. They are just sheep. All of them. I can’t exactly be surprised they needed absolutely no proof of any of this to believe that she totally knew that it was true. I asked Laura to stop posting things she knew were lies, she pretended that she didn’t know they were lies. I demanded she take down her entire tag about me. She said it was only fair to have it up so people could “see what I had done”. Which was, well nothing, since everything in that tag was completely invented by her or other people who already hated me because they thought I was some kind of transphobic bigot. She told me that really the only solution was to delete my blog and leave. I refused to do that. This type of harassment went on for a few months until I just got tired of all of it and deleted as requested. It didn’t matter. I already mentioned that she kept following me from blog to blog and posting about me.

In season two, I became the “Laura complaint department” on my main anti-feminist blog which I’d gone back to full time. The Bowie blog was a side blog, mostly because I really couldn’t be there without also being harassed due to Laura. I stayed on my main blog and built up my follower count there instead. Laura is a very hated person in the fandom, has been since the start and especially since I left. People would report to me new things she did, stole art, tag policing, thought policing, bullying, the usual things that she’d always been doing that no one really wanted to call her out on because they knew she’d just send her followers to attack them like she did to me. Then she’d play innocent and claim that she never advocated any sort of bullying. I pointed out that she had an entire tag for hate directed at me. People called me a liar. I started to link people to the tag that she formerly refused to remove. When people found it, well what do you know? It instantly vanished and she was able to claim that I was a liar and she never had a tag for me. That I was paranoid and she didn’t even ‘care that much’. At that point I no longer had too much solid proof of her harassment but the damage was done, people know what she did to me (and to many others) you can still find similar posts on her blog. She has a method of doing this thing where she’ll post mean shit about someone, then delete it after about twenty minutes. Since she has thousands of followers she knows the posts will get a lot of exposure, the people will see who she’s hating on that day, and go attack them. After that she removes the evidence that she ever said anything so when the person confronts her she can pretend she never said anything about it.

Getting sick of all the bullshit, I called in a friend to attempt to mediate the situation between me and her. The thing was that Laura believed that I was not allowed to be on tumblr. Period. She told my friend that. Directly. My friend explained to her I wasn’t even in the fandom any more and it shouldn’t matter what I was doing. She didn’t think it was fair that I was on tumblr so she wanted me off. She eventually promised to stop harassing me if I apologized to her. I won’t claim that I wasn’t an utter bitch to her while she was attacking me but I had a reason to be. The only reason she was attacking me was she wanted a corner market on the fandom to sell her shit merchandise so I was competition. That meant getting rid of me even if I wasn’t selling anything to anyone because I thought it was shitty to do that. I said I’d only apologize to her if she apologized to me. I never wrote the apology letter my friend did it for me because neither of us could think of what to write, but my friend was less pissed off at her than I was so it was easier to fake. Laura’s letter back wasn’t an apology. It was more or less a list of demands and rules of how I was to behave myself if I remained on tumblr. She never once said she was sorry for anything. To this day if you ask her what happened between us she’ll tell you I “went psycho” because she wouldn’t role-play with me for a few days which is 1% of the entire story. After that my friend and I both went back to ignoring her. She ended up getting my blog deleted. My second blog with thousands of followers, gone, because she had her followers report me repeatedly until Tumblr bent over backwards to do what she wanted.

Laura has so many followers that it doesn’t matter how many rules she violates or how she conducts herself. Tumblr wants the traffic she brings into the website. Though she’s been reported for several violations, several times, over a number of years Tumblr finds her popularity too important. They allow her to openly bully, suicide bait, and attack people because of the traffic she gets. There is no actual hope of getting her removed despite all the proof because Tumblr is biased towards people like her who have a huge following. This isn’t uncommon, other blogs similar to her (or even worse) have been deleted then immediately reinstated when people complained. However, my blog apparently wasn’t important enough to keep around even though it was in no way bothering her or harassing her. Of course I was pissed because once again I had to start over due to her egocentric mind telling her that she got to dictate who used Tumblr and who didn’t. It was around this time that I first made contact with the woman who ran a site called


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