Tattle-Crime Saga

Posts About TC From Her Friend CleoLinda

It’s already well known that Cleo knew TC before the start of Hannibal even if she’s going to try to deny it. In any case these posts were found on another wordpress blog by CleoLinda describing a friend. From what she says it’s nearly painfully obvious it’s about TC and I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t.

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She describes that this friend is in therapy but won’t admit anything to the therapist. She describes something about how this friend has some type of escapism with this obsession which makes it very appealing. She says that this friend gets angry if you aren’t supportive with it. That it’s really hard to deal with.

The thing is, for whatever reason Cleo stuck with TC. I’m nearly positive this is about TC. People who TC manages to suck into her little hell hole stay with her under the delusion that they are helping her. As Cleo mentions there, it’s just at a point where you just have to sit with her instead of telling her to get help. Honestly, these posts are extremely telling and if I didn’t know in depth about this situation and TC I’d say that this really could be about anyone but it’s obviously not.

Cleo is yet another person who knows this woman needs help and continues to fail to get it to her because she thinks it’s just better to coddle her delusions. I don’t know how TC manages to wrap everyone around her finger like this but it’s really scary. I hope none of them are there when she snaps.


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