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More Audio Of Tattle-Crime.Com being Weird

People will dismiss this as “Oh she was just roleplaying” while also dismissing several other factors in this. First of all lets start with the actual posts. In season two Roxy set up some weird thing (or TC did one of them) where people on tumblr could call Will Graham (AKA Roxy) and leave messages. Then I guess some of them made it onto Roxy’s blog where she pretended to be Will Graham. Except the only ones that actually made it there were clearly fake ones made by the “staff” themselves (as in no one who had legit called in) I also don’t know if anyone really actually called or if they made this out to be bigger than it was because TC was queen of misrepresenting her own popularity.

The voice mails were 90% bad audio splicing of the actual actors saying weird shit to Will Graham about how they loved him or something. Like this one of a character named Matthew Brown saying it. (Archived here)

Screen shot 2016-02-22 at 1.22.19 PM

If you can’t tell in that post they took the character’s audio from the show and spliced it together to make it sound like he was totally in love with Will which never actually happened in the show. The post only got 8 notes so it goes to show you how many people legit agreed with this bizarre RP canon that TC and Roxy and everyone came up with. Then there is also this one of Hannibal calling Will. (Archived here)

Screen shot 2016-02-22 at 1.24.00 PM

From what I can tell this is spliced together from two different things, Hannibal and possibly Casino Royale or that awful Charlie Countryman movie. This one has slightly more notes probably because it was reblogged a few times, bounced around, only Mads’ voice, and is Hannigram related. My point here is that they were using audio clips from the actual actors and though incredibly stupid (in my opinion) I can see how that makes sense right? But then we come to the Freddie Lounds voicemail and what is wrong with those? Well for some reason they don’t use Freddie’s voice as in Lara Jean Chorostecki but they use the voice of the woman who runs Tattle-Crime.com

That being the case it means that TC seems to think she’s a passable Freddie Lounds which she isn’t, as if you watch that video up there you can hear audio of Lara Jean Chorostecki (AKA: Freddie Lounds) and they don’t sound at all the same. Even more strange the things she says to “Will” are oddly repetitious and she’s not all that creative with what she says. That and at least one of them doesn’t make sense within the canon of the show. Freddie caring about Will to that level and taking care of his dogs.

As someone who talked to her for a great deal of time and I mean actually via voice chat this was just how she always sounded. She believed she was Freddie Lounds, to a point that she also believed that for some reason on this blog filled with actual audio of the actual characters she fit in just fine, which she didn’t. The posts with her voice got about 6-10 notes at most. Probably because people were seriously confused as to why Freddie Lounds sounded absolutely nothing like Freddie from the show.

Now here’s the thing. I understand doing things like this if you are being paid to do it. She was not ever official with the company nor was she ever paid to roleplay as Freddie Lounds. Even if she were that doesn’t account for the fact that she never stopped “playing” as Freddie even when she wasn’t on her blog and since blogs are mostly written word there was no need for her to keep up the act when she was away from her website which was roleplay. I guess some may call this “extreme dedication” but there’s a fine line between a hobby and mental illness. As I already explained in this post about how I believe her to have schizophrenia, these voicemail posts more or less just add to the idea that she is extremely mentally ill and should be avoided at all costs if she dares to pop up in another fandom somewhere. Or if she tries to weasel her way back into this one.




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