@MadsNDads And Her Alleged Attack? (Grace)

I was drawn to yet another Bad Fannibal not too long ago. This one managed to turn her sexual assault into a benefit. Or I should say alleged sexual assault because none of it lines up. She also wasn’t able to provide any proof of this happening beyond getting people to threaten me and then threatening to commit suicide because I questioned her story. Other than the fact that she publicly posted her story on tumblr (and it’s filled with holes) if she was actually telling the truth then how hard is it to offer up any sort of proof. Her story is quite possibly the most obvious work of fiction in the universe and a huge cry for attention. She has since deleted her blog but before she did I got screenshots of her story, sensing it was something she might delete if people called her out on it. Oh and people totally did.

“Four months and seven days ago I was the victim of another attack. I was married for two years to a very evil man who beat and abused me regularly. I thought I had finally gotten away as it had been a year since I’d seen him…I was in a medically induced coma due to my injuries. Then they decided to begin waking me my clever son came up with the idea to play episodes of Hannibal so that I had something familiar to pull me out of it. It worked…”

This is an excerpt from the post she wrote. Now, it’s possibly believable except for several factors. It was a medically induced coma, so chemicals, which means the hospital was controlling the chemicals. In situations where people are in chemically induced comas for injuries they don’t wake up over a slow period of time. The hospital is giving them the chemicals so once they are removed the person doesn’t stay in the coma. Also this woman claims to be 25 years old. We are to believe she currently has a son old enough to know to play Hannibal episodes to wake her up? Why wasn’t anyone just talking to her? She writes this as if she was in an ACTUAL coma not a medically induced one. Two different things. Though I suppose it’s possible she has a kid old enough to be aware to tell the doctors to play Hannibal she’d have to have had him at a young age for him to be old enough to come up with this idea and know “Mommy likes Hannibal”.  I agree this is plausible, fine. The thing is, this is the story she used (without presenting any proof of it actually happening) to scam merchandise from the TV show, Hannibal. Oh and they delivered:

When I questioned as to why she was deserving of this just because she was allegedly beaten and raped (something she could provide no proof to except for saying it. No police reports, no medical bills, nothing) instead of answering me, she sends her followers to attack me. One of which said they were going to “Shank Me” As seen here:

Some of her followers were rational (to be fair) and when I began to poke holes in her story and ask legit follow up questions, this girl deleted her blog and then protected her twitter account, as well as started a second account which is also protected. What is even more strange is this girl, is the same girl who openly confessed to stalking Mads Mikkelsen at a convention last year. When I confronted her on this as well she said it was a “joke” and Mads is a celeb so he always had security with him, which actually isn’t true because I was at a convention where he walked around with no security. Possibly because people like her weren’t around to stalk him. In this tweet her friend states she was “parked outside his hotel room door”. Then her friend “Jade” goes on to say the convention won’t be complete until they grab onto Mads and security has to take them away.

In the first set of tweets you can even see that “Grace” tagged DLC to reinforce the idea that she was literally so creepy Mads called security to protect him and as far as I can research there are people who witnessed an incident with two girls chasing Mads down the street and screaming at this same convention (though they don’t claim to know who these girls were):

It’s most likely that this girl who begged merchandise off of the production company over this alleged attack was one of these two girls since neither of them seemed very ashamed over admitting they were stalking Mads. Yet only a few months later “Grace” vanishes from twitter for two days, in which time her “brother” takes control of her account and starts begging the production company for gifts to help “Grace” recover. He never provides proof of this, nor proof that it’s not “Grace” herself. Then he starts convincing other people to tweet the production company so they’ll send her things. Why is the production company in the business of sending someone merchandise after being attacked because they liked the show? Also this girl seems to have recovered REALLY damn quickly for someone who claims she needed to be in a medically induced coma due to injuries. Further more, this is far from the only part of her story which is fanatical and unbelievable.

Some of her other claims include:

  • When she was five years old she was raped and beaten by a neighbor boy who was never sent to jail even though everyone seems to know who did it to her, everyone blamed her (a 5 year old for the attack) and acted like she was “disgusting” and she was isolated because people ignored her. She claims people kept other children away from her because they didn’t want their kids “tainted” by the girl who had been attacked. People treated her like she was dirt and they were “disgusted” by her.
  • When she was 8 she was an insomniac which her parents also some how didn’t notice. One night she couldn’t sleep so she decided to watch Silence Of The Lambs, which some how her 8 year old brain not only comprehended enough to make Clarice her hero, but also didn’t terrify her or trigger her into having memories of her first attack.
  • At the same age (eight years old) she also found the books at the library, which she wasn’t even old enough to check out so she sneaked them out of the library some how, without getting caught and was also able to comprehend the books despite their adult nature and content.

This long, winding, and weird story where she explains how at 8 years old her parents some how didn’t notice her sneaking books, or watching horror movies, and not being scared by horror movies where people get their faces ripped off is highly improbable. She claims that she loved them because she was “so traumatized by her attacker never going to jail” fairy tales were “Boring” to her now. Considering Silence Of The Lambs is mostly people talking and evidence being explained, and it was late at night, and she was eight, I find it VERY hard to believe she even understood this movie let along found it at all entertaining. Then with the actual violent scenes I find it hard to believe she wasn’t scared, she thought it was AWESOME.

Now I will state that I guess it is POSSIBLE this happened however it is HIGHLY improbable, and given her history where she clearly has some sort of sick obsession with the star of the show, Mads Mikkelsen, which she doesn’t even try to hide (or didn’t until she was confronted) I’m going to say that this was all a long con to get merchandise from the show. She was never able to provide any proof other than sending her followers after me and vanishing from public internet. Plus it seems her accounts only existed long enough to post about her terrible life and scam merchandise from the show. I could be wrong, and I admit that, but how does she not have proof, and with such a fantastic story how is she surprised anyone is questioning it? Why did the production company not question it?

Above it all, lets say that ALL of this is completely true and she didn’t make ANY of it up. Why does this entitle her to get anything from anyone? As an abuse and assault victim myself, not ever did I think “Oh lemme tell my abuse story to get merchandise from my favorite show”. This behavior is the exact opposite of a girl who was actually attacked. This behavior is one of an attention whore who knows how to work the system to get what she wants and sympathy from online idiots who think women would never lie about being raped. You also wouldn’t believe how many white knights came to her defense.

I don’t doubt that something happened to this girl to mess her up. I don’t even doubt that maybe at some point someone sexually assaulted her. However, like any other girl who is confronted about her story and is clearly lying, instead of proving me wrong (or even trying to) she deletes all evidence that she even said she was attacked in the first place and makes sure all her accounts are hidden so no one can go back in and put the pieces together to call her out on her bullshit. This isn’t the behavior of someone who was actually a victim, this is the behavior of someone who is a con artist. Someone who doesn’t want to be found out.

“Grace”, as she calls herself, (MadsNDads and MadsNDads_2 on Twitter) claims to be 25 years old, couldn’t look a day over 16, openly stalks a celebrity, brags about it to a production company, has witnesses to that effect, and then some how a few months later manages to get a care package from the show because of this alleged attack which she is now intent on covering up instead of sticking beside the story she told. Though I will say this is all speculation, I will also say that this behavior is highly improbable for a girl who actually went through this. If you want to read her story in her own words about how “Hannibal Saved Her Life” you can find the images of the story Here, Here, and Here.

The reason I’m saying any of this is, though she didn’t profit by monetary factors, she did manage to spin a story about rape and get very expensive gifts from people, for little more than…well….making up a story which instead of ever trying to provide truth to, she deletes all evidence of ever saying anything. How long are we going to allow this behavior to happen, while not questioning women who cry rape to profit? If this girl hadn’t been brought to my attention by someone else I’d have never known about it, so how often is this happening, and WHY is this being tolerated?

“Grace” and her story only makes REAL victims of ACTUAL assault look like whiny, bitchy, attention whores. This is a smack in the face to people who REALLY WERE attacked and really DID suffer through rape and abuse. As much as this is all speculation the evidence is completely stacked against her. I suppose I’ll never get any actual answers from the production company who provided her the merchandise after basically no evidence that she was ever attacked, nor am I going to ever get proof from her. People need to be aware that this is happening because it’s an easy con to run, and it seems people fall for it ALL the time.


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