Tattle-Crime Saga

How Tattle-Crime.com Thinks

Through extensive research and looking through chat transcripts and tweets (as well as Freddie’s first hand account) we have gathered up enough information to see into TC’s head and how she thinks. Though we’d prefer to not think about it. Here is a great testament to her grand delusions if you’d like to take a look. As always if you have comments or questions look at our disclaimer or feel free to contact us.


The woman who runs Tattle-Crime.com and believes she is Freddie Lounds has some issue with believing that everyone loves her. Even if in the show that couldn’t be further from the truth she has her “staff” rally around her and even have sex with her. As already shown with Roxy who she took to a fetish ball dressed as Will Graham. We aren’t out to kink shame anyone but if she believes cosplaying is a kink one wonders what else goes on in her head. Here are some interesting examples of things she said in the pass that attest to her state of mind:

She always attempted to convince anyone who would listen that everyone loved her, even in the show. It was a secret or something? We aren’t sure yet on her former blog which is still up for some reason you can see some of these posts for yourself. Her headcanon was that every character loved her and wanted to be with her. Hannibal, Will, Abigail (Male Version) Abel, Dolarhyde…it was as if she (Freddie Lounds the character) were the most irresistible woman ever when in the actual show characters¬†couldn’t have hated her more.

Her background information that she wrote and tells herself makes very little sense and has a lot to do with a movie that has nothing to with Hannibal. It’s because she’s obsessed with Robert Downey Jr. Either that or she truly believes he is her father. Her ramblings on Freddie’s past (Her own past?) are very weird and it seems she’s fond of blurring fiction with reality.


There is no actual telling what TC believes. If she knows reality from fantasy. Sources report that role playing with her was very odd. A few of her former role play partners told this website that she didn’t at all behave like Freddie Lounds or at least any different from how she normally spoke. She also was a heavy God-Modder (told all the other characters what to do and how to behave as well). None of them were in character either. One source was once reported as saying “She was very true to her version of the character” and we believe the reasoning behind that is she thinks she actually is Freddie Lounds. Whatever the case may be, it is best you do not approach this woman. If you ever meet a Freddie in the fandom who says or does any of this, run away, and very quickly.


Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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