Bad Fannibals

Violent Harassment Continues

FannibalMonica keeps accusing people of being Monica. What is really funny to me is that she doesn’t seem to realize how crazy that makes her look. She’s demanded Monica’s followers prove they aren’t her. Literally everyone who defends Monica she thinks is Monica. She isn’t helping her own cause. She accused me of being Monica as well, then used it as justification to dox Monica. Despite the fact the whole reason I’m saying anything is I can see her gross behavior on Twitter and I’m friends with her on facebook, she seems to think that some how I’m still Monica.

I asked her if she was friends with Monica on facebook. She insisted I am Monica. This doesn’t make sense. But fine. Among other things she claimed she owns the name Monica and that no one else is allowed to use it. She said that because her ID card says Monica she owns the name legally and technically thus no one else can use it. She also keeps threatening to post Monica’s information on Craigslist, stalking her account, bothering her followers, and attempting to incite a riot. All of this because of a TV show.

Now, Monica isn’t going to leave. If she does something such as posting an ad on Craigslist she will be prosecuted. The law will be on her side however the idea that she thinks this behavior is okay (or even makes her look half sane) is the most confusing as all. One wonders why she doesn’t have an in home care nurse. In any case the problem with the Hannibal fandom, ultimately, is the vast majority of them are mentally ill and it’s clear. The show glamorized and romanticized mental illness so of course the psychos flocked to it and now they think it’s okay to act terribly because their “heroes” on the show do that. At the end of the day we aren’t going anywhere. We’ve tried to ask her what she wants but it appears that what she wants is to be a bully which doesn’t surprise me. As of now Monica has her blocked, and reported for several violations. Her followers and friends will keep reporting FannibalMonica for her violations. Eventually something will happen either she’ll give up or twitter will lock her account. Beyond that we are done saying anything…about her specifically. This website will continue as planned. Monica isn’t scared of her, I’m not scared of her, and if this leads to her being arrested and thrown in jail. So be it. It’s not like we don’t have her location via our IP tracker it’s just harder to do things as she is in another country. Sadly the craziest ones are.

So FannibalMonica you win. You’ve proved how crazy your fandom is. You’ve proved how crazy you are. You’ve made sure to do it in public where everyone can see it so we thank you. Beyond that we will be moving on. That’s all there is to it.


Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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