Tattle-Crime Saga

Tattle-Crime.com’s Profit Margin

One of the biggest scams that Tattle-Crime.com ran and profited from was the gift exchange scam. Sources report that they were told if they sent her gifts she would send some gifts back. Instead she just kept all of the gifts and didn’t do anything in return. This gallery will show just exactly how on top of it she came and how many people fell victim to this.

There were also the people she claimed to “help” for free things. What she claimed was they would get so much exposure on her website/twitter that their sales would increase and they would make a bunch of money. None of the artists saw a significant change in their profits but TC certainly did get some nice things for free. (Note: We have no idea why Janice Poon of all people sent her anything)

TC also ran a “donation” scheme where for $50 dollars you could get a cheap dragon statue in return so you could be a super, special, tattlecrime snow flake. She claimed to use this money to pay her artists. Seeing as how not one artist on her staff ever saw a dime of this money, all people did was support her.


As I’ve already pointed out, her money mostly went to buying fancy food (usually junk) and people also constantly sent her junk. Something someone her size really didn’t need to be consuming as much as she was. Now, lets explain the profit margin that TC stood to gain in just one scheme.

In December of 2015, she ran a thing called “Hanni Holidays” These were the items she was selling for $65 dollars American:

Considering that TC gets all of her art printed whole sale, her initial investment into this would have been around 200-300 dollars. However, she managed to sell 40 gift bags for 65 each. This means that her actual profit was 2000 dollars. The gifts included a few stickers, a christmas card (All designed by Lauren) and some recipe cards that for some reason Janice Poon gave her. As stated we have no idea why this woman is friends with TC or using her to promote herself but that is a thing. So, she claims she sold out and if that’s the case her profit was 2000 grand. If this is the case for every other gift bag scam she ran, that means she profited thousands of dollars over the few years she ran her site. None of that money went to the artists and it all went into her pocket.

The problem in all of this is she exploits people who are dumb enough to think her “tattle swag” is worth anything (when she routinely gave it away for free in season one). With all the promotion she did…getting “staff” to hand out badges and cards, the fannibals as a whole still don’t seem to know who she is. When she shut down literally only 5-10 people were actually upset and I’m betting it was only because they were stupid enough to give her money. Between her donors, her merchandise sold for way more than it was worth, and begging people to give her things this woman go away robbing the fandom blind and Bryan Fuller helped her do it. The thought is enough to make anyone sick, especially us. That’s why this site exists.



Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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