Bad Fannibals

The Problem With KaterSkater23

There are many problems in this fandom and KaterSkater23 is definitely among them. Quite a few months ago she chose to attack Freddie out of the blue. Freddie was running a blog with myself and a few other people (who shall remain nameless for obvious reasons even if the fandom insists that Freddie is the only one who does anything) and she created a tumblr blog for the explicit purpose of hate blogging about Freddie. She continued this for two or three months even after she was blocked. I am guessing she was hoping for some sort of attention but she really only got it a handful of times before it was decided she was a troll. She also spends a lot of time on this site according to IP tracking.

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KaterSkater is another example of a 40 year old woman who is harassing Freddie, and myself, as well as Mel under the excuse that we are all Monica. For some reason this fandom holds the opinion that it’s okay to harass someone if someone else labels them as Freddie. The girl who runs IDFYTI has done it a number of times to justify suicide baiting and other hate blogs. She drove several people out of the fandom (and in some cases completely off of tumblr with her harassment).

Though we can show proof of this all day long, her, FannibalMonica, and others, they seem to think that what they do is not harassment. In fact here are some more tweets where KaterSkater claims that everything is “made up” and it’s all just “Crazy stories”.

As you can see here, Katie is laughing at a picture FannibalMonica added text to after retweeting it (harassment). She claims that something illegal is going on with Freddie’s follower count (it is not) then she says that Freddie is making up “the most insane shit” about

If you look through this site, everything Freddie says about the owner of is backed up with evidence. Videos, chat transcripts, pictures. We aren’t sure if she’s even looked at the site but it seems that none of them are intent on listening to anything. You see, bred a very hateful cult of very hateful people who harass on the grounds that she told them to harass. A typical scenario in the fandom will go something like this.

Freddie: Here’s some proof that certain fannibals are pretty awful. Decide for yourself
Rest of Fandom: Yes let us not look at any proof and just believe the popular people

It is a high school mentality all over again. Though Freddie has tried to approach them civilly and on many occasions (Like you can see here with FieryCherryPie) it does not matter. She’s tried being civil and she’s tried being mean. They don’t seem to respond to anything she does, nor be willing to listen to her because a popular blog ( or IDFYTI) told them not to listen. Even with all these screenshots, chat logs, and detailed evidence all Tattle-Crime or IDFYTI has to do is say “No that’s fake” offer no proof and then Freddie is instantly trashed. Tossed aside as a “troll”. Considering that some of the top offenders are 40+ in age you’d think they’d be able to have a conversation like an adult with someone 10 years younger than them when she requests it.

Kater also randomly, out of nowhere, decided that Mod Mel was Freddie as well. Getting her attacked on both Tumblr and Twitter. We don’t know why this was. Mel was only in the fandom to save Hannibal and she was driven right back out a few months later by people declaring she was someone that she was not. It’s not even a rare occasion for that to happen. The fandom decided a long time ago that if someone was pegged as being a “Fake account” for Freddie it was completely fine to harass them without even bothering to look into what actually happened.

Kater, and her group of friends, are fairly disgusting people. If you look at their twitter accounts (or tumblrs) they seem to just sit around, tweeting sexual things about Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy and then the official twitters reward them by chatting to them like good friends, retweeting them, and pretending as if the bullying never was a thing (even if they were directly tagged in said bullying).

Though I personally know it’s a low blow to attack someone’s looks, I would just like to finish by saying Katie has a lot of nerve to laugh at how our Freddie looks considering this is how she presents herself:

If there is an actual, 100% literal troll in this fandom, I would have to give that award to Katie myself because I don’t know how she personally can laugh at the looks of another with that face.



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