Bad Fannibals

Fannibals Harass @NetFlix Over Renwal

Despite Bryan Fuller telling the fannibals he may or may not continue the series in 22 months to 3 years there are dedicated Twitter accounts to harassing netflix, hulu, and other various sites to try to get a season 4. Seeing as how Fuller was already offered a season 4 with Amazon and refused to provide the script or sell the rights (and the actors are all off of their contract) I fail to see how this will actually work. Do they believe a script will just magically appear? Other than telling people how to harass netflix (Use different names each time to make them think there are more people) as well as the fact that you can bug netflix even if you don’t have an account, one wonders what their collective IQ is on this endeavor. My guess would be below 15. Enjoy all the desperate tweets of people who think this has an actual chance in hell of this working.

This is really only a snapshot of how actually awful they are being. They’ve been at it for months and I do not believe they intend to stop. Netflix is already making a show called Mindhunter which is very similar to Hannibal. There will be no season 4 until Fuller wants to make a season 4. Netflix won’t tell you “no” because it’s good customer service. If you notice they are giving vague answers but they can do nothing about this. If I ever needed proof of cult behavior it would definitely be these people.


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