Bad Fannibals

The Harassment Continues (FieryCherryPie)

Earlier this morning I noticed that FannibalMonica was at it once again on her account. She didn’t tag anyone but she did post screenshots in order to attempt to get Freddie on here harassed. When this happened a girl named FieryCherryPie jumped in. When Freddie tried to talk to her calmly and offer up her side of the story, what happens? Well “Tina” decides that FannibalMonica (the woman who has been harassing Freddie for about a month now) was the correct person to listen to. Even with as vicious as her language was and the clear behavior of harassing. She even attempts to accuse our site owner of using a character without permission, I wasn’t aware that no one other than could roleplay as Freddie Lounds or run a site for her?

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 12.13.26 PM

So Freddie, from her main account, decides to try to talk to Tina like a rational human being while FannibalMonica decides to use insults, cuss, and imply that Freddie uses drugs:

This is one of the bigger problems I’ve seen in this fandom since they attacked me. As Freddie has pointed out several times, for some reason the fandom likes to believe the most psychotic of the fans. Even if Freddie approaches them rationally and like a civil adult she gets blocked. Though Tina claims that she’s not into fandom wars/drama she instantly sides with FannibalMonica, retweets her in order to attempt to get Freddie harassed more and blocks her.

Freddie/Monica whatever you want to call her has been a victim to this repeatedly. People believing stories about her sight unseen and with no “proof” other than someone else said so. Though she goes out of her way to provide her own proof, sources, and referenced material to this behavior she gets the short end of the stick. Even more ironically, FannibalMonica continues to attack and harass her while claiming that no one attacks and/or harasses her:

Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 11.57.47 AM

Like the mindless sheep she is, Tina blocks like she’s told to, and doesn’t even question why or what might be going on. When in reality, the harassment by FannibalMonica has been continuing for a month and has even become threatening. We don’t exactly understand why she’s doing this (nor do we understand why she attacked me and accused me of being Freddie/Monica) but what we do know is that this is a huge problem in the fandom and this is why Monica is seen as a monster. Not because she actually is one but because people believe the actual monsters over what she has to say.


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