Bad Fannibals

Racism In The Hannibal Fandom

In season 2 of Hannibal, after a character named Beverly Katz was killed off, the fannibals went ballistic and subsequently spammed Bryan Fuller’s twitter account with hate messages about how he’s racist and sexist. Even after the actress who played Beverly Katz came forward and said that she did not believe Bryan Fuller was racist or sexist this was ignored in favor of the fannibal agenda to, complain, I suppose. What follows are actual examples of racism in the Hannibal fandom, just not exactly in ways that you might expect:


Meet Carla Mikkelsen, AKA “DaddyMads“. The majority of her twitter is either hating white people, or talking about how she wants to do nasty sexual things to Mads. This is far from the only example of fans like this but one of the most well known because of her (for some unknown reason high follower count) and violent attitude. Though it’s been shown time and again how she goes out of her way to bully people, she some how gets backed up by every fannibal in existence as they ignore her racist attitude. She seems to think it’s okay to constantly slander white people because she loves Mads Mikkelsen.


Carla also loves to ship herself with Mads, and I’m sure he’d be overjoyed to know that he’s the only white man she actually likes, and possibly Bryan Fuller while slamming the rest of white people right out of existence because, yes he seems like the type of man to also hate all white people except for himself right?


If this isn’t bad enough, around the beginning of season three, I believe, when Molly (Will Graham’s wife) was cast and announced to be portrayed as a white woman, Tumblr lost their minds about how racist that was.


There were no lack of posts complaining that Molly was cast with a white actress. Since they all got their knickers in a twist so quickly, Bryan Fuller announced nearly the very next day that Reba would be played by a black woman. They seemingly got amnesia to the fact that Jack Crawford was already “race swapped” from a white man to a black man and that Beverly never existed in the show. There were complaints that “all the white women looked the same” and that “it was like Will was fucking his sister”. These were coming from mostly white girls, by the way, as it’s usually the white girls trying to explain why things are racist and white white people are gross. You need look no further than tumblr to find this behavior especially in the Hannibal fandom. Of course then you have blogs like THIS ONE who apparently do nothing but complain about why, specifically every show ever in existence is anti-Semitic.


I am aware it’s a bit small but this is an actual long list of a blog, FromChaosToCosmos explaining that the show Hannibal (among just about every other show on TV) is “anti-jew” and why does she think that? From what I can gather, she invented that some of the characters were Jewish (they aren’t) and decided because they were killed, Bryan Fuller hates Jewish people. She also says that Fuller decided to “Cram Christianity down everyone’s throat” because there were a few episodes that had scenes of some characters in a church. To be fair I haven’t read all of what she has had to say because 99.9% of it is her inventing ways to hate white/christian people but if you want to read her nonsense the original post is here. Notice how she got “so much anon hate” which she also conveniently deleted but everyone should just believe anyway that there are a bunch of Nazis in the Hannibal fandom.

Though I, myself only have a small selection of actual proof, one needs to consider that if an actress from the show felt the need to make a blog post about all the hatred then it should be realized that the level of overt racism in this fandom is very high. It’s just not normally what people consider to be racist because it’s aimed at white people. As for the “Anti-Christian” girl, I don’t know where she falls into all of this, but she did attack Fuller for being racist as well. When it was pointed out to her that the actress, Hettienne Park, even said that Fuller isn’t racist, she claimed that “Hettienne doesn’t speak for all Asian people”. I guess she, a white girl, does? This isn’t even an uncommon response. Most of the people complaining about racism are white girls. Most of the people actually being racist are black, and they think this is all completely fine because…whites don’t experience racism? Your guess is as good as mine but this is just one side of the ugly face called “The Hannibal Fandom”.


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