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In Depth Look At IDFYTI (Laura Spencer)

Our report on Laura Spencer (AKA IDontFindYouThatInteresting) has been completed and we will now present it here with the evidence we have gathered. Though, once again, some of this is editorial it is the truth to the best of our knowledge and the posts have not been doctored in any way. Links will be provided so you can have a look for yourself if you are interested. If you have any questions please contact us here or feel free to take a look at our disclaimer.

Laura (AKA: IDFYTI or IDONTFINDYOUTHATINTERESTING) is one of the biggest menaces in the Hannibal fandom. Most of her following is based on tumblr which would explain why exactly she has an army of minions to do her bidding. Most notably a boy/girl (we aren’t sure the gender considering what he posts is extremely bizarre) LicenseToCannibalize. In season one after Laura declared she wanted to be queen of the fandom and harassed Freddie out of it, LicenseToCannibalize started to “swing from her dick” as they say and do anything and everything she asked. Though she disavows knowledge to this behavior it is undoubtedly true she’s aware of it and more than likely instigating it. Much like, this young woman is conceited, self righteous, hypocritical, and a scam artist. The only real difference between her and TC is that the production company doesn’t pay attention to her like they do with TC.

Examples of Laura’s hypocritical behavior (that for some reason the entire fandom ignores even though it’s very obvious) are as follows.

We will star with her attacking people for having an opinion. In one breath she’ll say it’s okay to have an opinion an also not okay to have an opinion. You can read an example post of that here and you can see an example here as well (screenshot).

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.24.07 AM

We archived a bunch of her pages as she is prone to mass deletion when she’s caught being a hypocrite and will claim that our evidence is “photoshopped” even if you can find it right on her blog.

This wouldn’t exactly be too bad if don’t take into consideration the fact that she also has a tag called “wank” where all she does is attack people. She mentions several of them by name as well. This tactic is very known in the fandom. Popular blog names someone they don’t like (usually tacks on a bunch of lies as well) their followers go attack said person (without trying to verify the story) Laura gets away with cyber bullying by proxy and gets to claim that she had no part of it even if she knew she was instigating.

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 2.17.22 AM

At the end of season 1, Laura posted unconfirmed rumors about our poor mod here, Freddie, in order to incite a riot. Though she wasn’t caught actively harassing Freddie (as in sending her any hate directly) she was caught posting vicious lies and refusing to take them down. At one point she had a tag up to “warn” people about Freddie claiming it was a public service and people had a “right to know” so they could “block her” but she is very well aware that isn’t how it works on tumblr. As you can see here:

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 2.25.36 AM

She is very fond of playing the victim and only tells 1% of the story. She left out the part about how she told her 10,000 followers that Freddie was a homophobic, transphobic, bully who is on anti-psychotics, refuses to take her meds, and that she was dangerous. She also left out the part about following Freddie to 6 blogs, making a tag about her, and posting her URL any time she moved to another blog. There is a lot of this story left out, and very little of it had to do with “Not RPing for a few days”.

If it wasn’t ironic enough that Laura has an entire tag for her “wank” where she hates on everyone and anyone, she’s also constantly putting up PSAs trying to tell people not to hate on other people as well as telling everyone to “be nice” and “kill them with kindness” when over a dozen pages of her doing the exact opposite would very much prove otherwise that she doesn’t actually believe that’s the best course of action.

(Click Images To Enlarge)

At the end of season three, Laura ticked off one too many of a person and got attacked via Twitter for harassing a minor and suicide baiting. It was her first public humiliation and it cost her a couple hundred followers. During the attack this was said:

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 2.11.22 AM

The opinion that the young woman had was about Hannigram, a ship that Lauren violently defends as if she owns it and is the only one allowed to have a say. In these tweets you can clearly see her say that the internet is not a safe space. Yet on her very own blog she claims that, well, her blog is her safe space:

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.26.07 AM(Post Archived Here In Case She Decides To Delete)

As such it seems that she believes that she is the queen, no one can violate her area, but she is allowed to violate the rest of the internet with her incredibly ignorant rants and “opinions” as she seems to think that her opinions are facts and if you don’t agree with her then you are not being factual or realistic. Though this moderator will admit at times she has a good point (As in that Hannibal did not rape Alana Bloom) the way she enforces this opinion and treats people who do not agree with her (aka RAMMING THE CONCEPT DOWN THEIR THROATS AND TAG FLOODING) isn’t exactly behavior that she also CLAIMS to approve of since she’s constantly telling “hate” to “get out of the tags”.

Laura is also a well known art theft and very poor artist herself. She sells things on her etsy like “Murder Glitter” which for some reason people are dumb enough to buy from her. Enough that she was able to afford a GOLD PASS to Dragon Con as well as a fancy hotel room. She will claim up and down that she was “raised poor” and “practically homeless” but a simple google search of her address and her name (if you have it) will tell you she lives in a half a million dollar home that her family owns and there’s no possible way she has any concept of what it’s like to be poor. Considering she expects people just hand her money for reblogging, stealing, and creating terrible generic graphics I do believe she’s never actually worked a day in her life. Nor knows what “poverty” is.

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.16.45 AM

A lot of people have heard her sob stories. Several sources have indicated that she begged them for a loan which she never paid back and blocked them once they tried to collect on what she promised was just a loan. After such time she declared said person a “creeper” and had them attacked as well. Laura has also been caught sending “suicide” bait and though she’s been reported nothing has happened to her blog as Tumblr doesn’t seem in the business of deleting her despite numerous DMCA takedowns, rule violations, and blatant bullying that is very hard to ignore.

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 5.04.15 AM
This was sent in a string of anon hate and it seems she just forgot to hit anon for this one

Laura’s actual “art” is absolutely terrible but she still manages to some how sell it on her several accounts. Etsy, Redbubble, and at one point Society6, but she doesn’t appear to have that one any longer. Not only that but as I mentioned, she has a donate button as well, because apparently it’s not enough for her to sell things and mindlessly reblog, she needs to get paid for it. One would think someone who just allegedly graduated from Oxford with a degree in business would be able to find a job other than this but who actually knows?

Here’s a post where she admits to using MSPaint for her “art” which no one is actually surprised over. The post was someone telling her the “Team X” and “Team Y” shirts are stupid which they are. As you can see she just uses the same font then steals clip art that vaguely pertains to the character and slaps them up on redbubble for people to buy. Her other tactic is stealing popular text posts and putting those on shirts. Posts she didn’t create herself. She’s been called out on this numerous times and when she is she tells people they are just jealous they didn’t think to make money on it first.

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.17.33 AM

The majority of her “edits” have been her screen-capping things from the actual episodes and putting her watermark on it as if she actually owns that picture. If someone take it and posts it somewhere else she claims that it’s hers and they stole it when she never owned it to begin with. She’s very high and mighty for someone who traces designs, steals art, or blatantly copyright violates things to turn a profit and yet with all of this she has nearly 50 thousand followers, as well as was thanked on the DVDs as if she did anything. Even after she was incredibly mean to the official blog and told people to attack them via posting this:

Screen shot 2016-01-30 at 3.14.43 AM.png

The official blog apparently did something that she personally did not like so she urge people to tell them how upset they were so that the problem could be corrected. Though the official blog started to go down hill in season 2 there was no reason for her to call for some sort of attack on the blog because they did something she personally didn’t like and we are still unsure of what that is.

To put it simply, Laura Spencer is a menace. She has cultivated a following that does her bidding. She also seems to think her psychopathy is an excused “learning” disability. She’s a manipulator and a con artist. Someone who knows how to get the rest of the ignorant sheep to do her bidding without ever looking like she actually did anything wrong. If you ask her why she’s hated she has “no clue” because she has “worked so hard” to personally save the show, and in the course of that she can possibly do no wrong. She is one of the fandom “queens”. Ironically when she did attend Dragon Con she was avoided, snickered about, and people gossiped behind her back. People who actually did meet her in real life reported her to be smug, egotistical, and said she paraded around like she deserved to be there and was the best. With a smug smile like this in literally every single photo op, it’s pretty clear to everyone that this cow is the loudest mooing beast of burden around. Hopefully since the show was cancelled, it’ll be interesting to watch her keep her profit margin while everything crumbles around her and dies.


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