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Previously this site held a lot of different articles all over the place of’s unhealthy lifestyle. However I figure since I have all of the things in one place now it’s just best to do it in a format that makes sense. Here I will present all of the weird things that TC does and the obviously luxurious and bizarre lifestyle she’s living under the guise of “needing to pay for her site”. The issue is, she took down her site and protected her twitter. Now, I guarantee anyone reading these are actual screenshots from her twitter and instagram (in some cases just people associated with her) but despite her claims of them being photoshopped they are not. Lets get started.


TC has an insanely unhealthy diet and really weird relationship with food. She also tried to talk someone out of becoming a vegetarian because vegetables scream when you cut/harvest them. I thought this was a joke but apparently she linked this person to a video (a serious one) explaining this concept. She was obsessed with exotic meat, candy, and desserts. Mainly what you will find on her instagram are desserts. Macarons and ice cream having claimed that macarons are “Freddie’s Favorite Food”. It seems the majority of tweets between her and her first girlfriend “Gail” are about food. You’ll be able to see here just how much she talks about food which isn’t all that surprising because she also appears to be very overweight (From what you can see, but we’ll get into that later):

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Next we come to her pictures where you can see some sort of body part. Usually it’s a hand, her wig (that she insists is her real hair) or a foot/leg. Her hair is clearly a wig. Clearly. It’s also dirty at that. Not sure who she thinks believes it’s actual hair but it’s possible she thinks it’s her real hair and so that’s why she says that. Also there aren’t many pics that you can see much of her, but in the pics where you can see something it appears she’s prone to wearing the same shirt over and over. In all the pictures there is only one where you can see her wearing another shirt. Even so there are many pictures over many different days/weeks where she is in the same tights/shoes. Shoes that are clearly too small for her huge feet as they look stuffed in there. You can tell that she’s got to be overweight to some extent and possibly obese which is why it kind of disturbs me that she eats the way she does.

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It’s at this point we come to her obsession with dolls, especially dolls that represent herself or represent Red Dragon. Keep in mind she is 31 years old and with how gaga she gets over her collection I’m going to have to guess something is a bit off. With just that alone. She had a huge obsession with red dragons. In season 2 I mentioned an actress I really admired had a red dragon tattoo on her back (which she does) and TC became obsessed with her for like a month talking about how she was totally meant to play Freddie’s wife on the show. She interchanged the term to say “her wife” or “my wife” several times and the only thing she was interested in was the fact that this actress had a red dragon tattoo. Didn’t even pay attention to the woman when I was talking about her before she found out that nugget of information. The dolls that represent herself I find the most creepy and I’ll get more into how she uses them next.

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The “Freddie Dolls” are interesting. Mostly she uses the Funko one to represent herself but she seems to have a lot of them. What she was fond of doing was making Lauren carry these dolls with her and forcing her to take pictures of them so she could put them on her twitter and pretend she went to conventions. TC always talked like she was actually at the conventions. She made it very first person like she was there with us. I know because I experienced a convention with one of her staff while they were “working” for this slave driver. TC doesn’t have staff as much as she has a lot of morons who are willing to do anything she says (and break the law if necessary). This completely excludes the girl I went to the convention with. Though Sam did do what she was asked, she was able to say NO to TC on several occasions and far more than that one time. Thing is, if you tell TC “no” she only gets worse but that’s another story for another time. In any case, here is her taking pictures of her doll (or Lauren doing it) so she can pretend it’s her.

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Last but not least we come to TC’s house and how it’s set up or what I can guess to the best of my ability and help from other sources. TC seems to wallpaper her house with Hannibal stuff. In one room there was a shrine but that may have only been set up for Christmas, I don’t know. What I do know is that even when she turned on her camera to show me her house, herself, all she does it cover walls with Hannibal stuff. Art. A lot of it is Lauren’s art. Then of course we have the pictures of her merchandise. Which she has a ton of. Stuff she gave away very easily and for free, then later tried to sell to people which they bought? Not even sure why as it’s not good stuff. As much as she had people out there promoting her, she still wasn’t a huge name in the fandom. I might have mentioned that no one even noticed that she actually shut down except maybe her inner circle. As such it’s really creepy to me that she has a bunch of her own shit, had it before she was even popular, and also seems to hoard it because for someone who is allegedly “Selling out all the time” she still has a crap ton.

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For now this is basically the miscellaneous stuff I had that doesn’t exactly fit anywhere else except for these recent pictures I got from Lauren’s account (sent to me by an anonymous tipster) of what appears to be inside of the house (with the shrine I mentioned) I have a few sources confirming it is TC’s house and in one picture you can definitely see a hand that looks like hers on the couch:

I don’t know what is going on in this house or with these people but it’s very clear (to me and many others) this woman is very mentally ill, she’s dragging others down with her and it’s probably best we get her the help she needs before she goes off the deep end.


Update: Pictures originally found on Lauren’s account (Of what is still believed to be Tattle-Crime’s house) are now claiming to be owned by someone else. However this person also demands I apologize to These pictures were obtained before Lauren went through a mass deletion of her account and were originally hosted on there. I am unsure of what is actually going on. I can’t imagine someone would have this much of Lauren’s art if they weren’t Lauren or Tattle-Crime herself so this will have to be looked into further.

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 1.52.57 AM


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