Bad Fannibals

Forward By Mel Bell:

Just recently I was running a blog on tumblr called HanniFreddieGraham. After participating in a contest run by (in which my entires were completely ignored) “Freddie” decided to tell people I was someone whom I’m not. At that point several other twitter accounts and tumblr accounts attacked me. I left for a period of time (there was a death in the family around then as well). I don’t know these people or who they are but apparently one of them (FannibalMonica) was also attacking the owner of this website. I found out who she was through browsing her twitter account and contacted her. After she explained to me the situation I decided to look more into the evidence she provided. It seems very clear to me now it was a mistake to enter the Hannibal fandom even if I did once love it and wish to save it. That fandom obviously and actively works against it’s own fans and I don’t want anything to do with it now. There is no reason to save the show if its fans are so vicious to newcomers for little to no reason than some woman told them to be. To protect my identity (as I know the owner of this site has been doxed several times by the fandom) I won’t be using my real name or any pictures of myself. It’s really scary that these people got so obsessed and paranoid over a TV show that they turned violent. Count me out.



Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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