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@FannibalMonica’s Social Media History

Intro (By Mel Bell)
Original Article: Mandy

This particular fannibal, along with another one named Katie decided to attack me for some reason. After asking around about who Monica was I was lead to this site. I’m glad I found her as she explained a lot to me and I came to understand what a mistake it was to enter the fandom. I have decided to provide the screenshots from both FannibalMonica and from Katie to this website to show that they aren’t just vicious to Monica but to people that they arbitrarily declare to be Monica as well.


Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 9.47.54 PM

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 9.48.13 PM

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 9.48.50 PM

We have yet another fannibal to add to the list, though seeing as how she is not American and more than likely speaks English as a second language, one might be able to forgive her ignorant comments. Freddie was manning the account when this harassment was received even if all of us take turns doing it. Sadly, she shares the (same legal) name of Freddie, which is extremely depressing but lets take a look at what she’s already had to say.

What’s the most alarming about this situation is the fact that fannibals believe their hate is justified. We have provided more than enough proof of valid death threats, stalking, and actual violent behavior. As stated before, though, the fannibals believe this behavior is completely justified when dealing with someone they deem “rude”. So, should another fannibal say they will stab or beat one of us, that’s completely fine to them. It’s just not fine when we defend ourselves or call them on their rude behavior. Upon mention that the moderator had been threatened with a stabbing this was the ever so polite response she received.

As stated previously, This woman appears to be from Portugal which means (hopefully) she doesn’t understand the gravity of what was said to the moderator previously when she was actually threatened. On a few occasions this moderator had to file police reports, mainly due to a woman that made herself known recently. DarkPassender85, who was selling this moderators personal information (or attempting to) on social media in order to try to get her attacked in real life. I suppose this is also okay, because the moderator was rude. We understand, your feelings get hurt and it’s fine to hunt down a person like a dog and murder them right? When browsing through this woman’s twitter we did find some interesting information that would point to her state of mind.


She seems to not understand the point of the “report” button. The point being that if people cannot handle what we have to say they can just leave. It’s opinion, obviously mixed in with the fact that Fannibals are very violent and volitile creatures who you shouldn’t attempt to speak to logically or they lose all common sense and threaten to stab you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.46.06 AM

We are used to this type of treatment, all of us, getting messages on a daily basis that look something like this and go ignored by the fandom as all the blog runner has to do is say it’s photoshopped when we really do not have the time or lack of personal life to be photoshopping such messages to ourselves:

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.29.07 AM

That being said, whoever this fannibal Monica woman is, well she looks like she falls into the bored “not getting enough sex” housewife variety. 40 years old, masculine face, and all she really has in life is to obsess blindly over Mads and behave like a jackass on social media.


Like other women who have yet to get their own personal articles written as we are not exactly obsessed with this concept (not nearly as obsessed as they seem to be violently defending fictional characters) she would be one of the older, nastier women. The ones who think they have a chance with Mads. Then again so do all the 16-19 year olds with daddy issues. At the end of the day we just feel sorry for her and at this point she’s not exactly a threat just a very big, antagonizing asshole. The fannibals rarely stop to consider what they are doing, how serious this behavior is, or even the fact that it’s really not okay to justify death threats, suicide bait, and doxing over a difference of opinion.

Not to mention she quite literally tried to report us to Bryan Fuller, AKA Tag us to him on Twitter which as stated before, we’d love to have a word with him over how great his fandom is if he has the time because we have some horror stories to tell which I’m sure they would not like getting out. So, Fannibal Monica, you’ve been added to the list and maybe that’s what you wanted, maybe it’s not. Still, from this point on we will feel sorry for a woman who is clearly older than us, far older, and feels the need to antagonize people who actually were victims of your awful fandom because you fail to see how serious this became over an unpopular opinion nearly 4 years ago.


After this article was originally written, FannibalMonica decided to “politely” respond by harassing the owner of this site (@Miss_Lounds) but cussing and name calling. Of course the moderator responded as politely as possible but FannibalMonica doesn’t seem to want to stop.

Screen shot 2016-01-28 at 10.13.52 PM


2 thoughts on “@FannibalMonica’s Social Media History

  1. Wow. I’m glad you created this page. I found it by searching for more information about this specific Fannibal because I was concerned that this person might in fact be a bad fannibal.

    I just had this Fannibal respond harshly to my support of another fan of the show who complained about something Bryan Fuller did creatively. She claims that she wants to understand the topic more, but when I replied back her language suggested otherwise, and she has refused to acknowledge any of the points I made that prove that there is a good reason for our specific complaints. Given your screenshots above, I doubt there’s a language barrier at play here.

    There does seem to be many Fannibal’s who feel that abusive speech, verbal attacks, stalking and bullying are perfectly fine. I made comments last autumn on Twitter and I was attacked repeatedly for several hours. The only way I could continue to tweet about the topic was to not put the hashtag related to it in my tweets because as soon as I would hashtag it, I would get attacked. Many of the attacks were based on stereotypes and assumptions. I’ve noticed that the above Fannibal made several assumptions about people with my specific complaints by grouping everyone together who has these complaints even though a lot of us are complaining for different reasons.

    What was scary about the interaction is that although I use a different name on Disqus than on Twitter, some of the statements suggested that this person had seen my comments elsewhere. Perhaps this person followed my comments on other articles? If so, I don’t mind but now I have to hope that I won’t be harassed every time I comment on other articles.

    Sadly, I think the “bad” fan trend is the result of fandom groupings. I’ve seen the same happen with Supernatural: Fans who believe that verbal attacks and bullying are okay and who clump everyone who doesn’t agree with them in the same group and make a lot of incorrect assumptions about why that group exists. I’ve found that they tend to believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is either an idiot or must have a mental health problem.

    Thank you again for creating this website.


    1. Thank you very much. I know I was personally followed around for years by several people. It started with a blog called “IDontfindyouthatinteresting” there’s a story on her on here as well. I wouldn’t say it’s ALL the fannibals, I made a lot of friends in this fandom but it seems far more there are crazy people. Bryan Fuller seems to have started a cult, doesn’t like it, and has moved on and they can’t let it go. The worst of the worst is this Tattle-Crime woman but FannibalMonica is incredibly delusional I will have some actual chats up with her in a bit because someone tried to talk to her on my behalf and it ended SO badly. She seems to fail to realize how insane she actually looks. Because I have to censor out his name due to privacy reasons and the conversation is so long it won’t be up for a few days but she is now blocked on his account as well as all of mine. What I will tell you is to ignore them, they are cowards, if you don’t talk to them they seem to get really bored. FannibalMonica has been bored with me now for a while because I don’t talk to her. I have a reputation in this fandom if you don’t then if you pay them no attention they’ll move on. I’m glad that you made it through though because I know some people who straight up deleted blogs and accounts to get away from their harassment.

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