Tattle-Crime Saga

Tattle-Crime Shows Signs Of Severe Schizophrenia

It should be noted that Freddie is not any sort of expert on diagnosing mental illness, however she does have a background in psychology and as such she has put together a theoretical diagnosis on Tattle-Crime.com’s state of mind and what potentially could be wrong with her. This is, however, just a theory and if there are any further questions please refer to Freddie’s disclaimer. If you have any information on this feel free to contact us.

Freddie here with all the details on why I believe Tattle-Crime.com (TC for short) is more than likely severely schizophrenic. Now, no one is trying to shame anyone here, but the fact of the matter is that she is not being treated and this leaves her to be exceedingly dangerous to those around her. I will present the criteria list to diagnose schizophrenia and I will also post what I observed TC doing as well as stories from various other sources (along with any proof that I have). It should be noticed that some of this criteria I cannot speak on at all, however, to meet a diagnosis one does not have to exhibit every behavior. As such I think there is more than enough proof to lean in the direction of a possible undiagnosed schizophrenia disorder in this woman.

–Dropping out of activities and life in general

TC lives her life constantly role playing. She actually believes she is Freddie Lounds, and that the character is real. She believes that it’s her life on the screen of NBC’S Hannibal and Lara Jean Chorostecki is merely just acting out her life story, with a few creative embellishments to make it entertaining. She surrounds herself with other people that she forces to cosplay and role play with her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Usually this is accomplished by brainwashing them into believing they are other characters from the show as well. TC is very fond of speaking in third person too, as can be seen from her many chat transcripts with me.

–Social isolation- few close friends if any

TC doesn’t appear to have many actual friends. The people she associates with the most seem to be Lauren, Roxy, “Gail”, and Cleo. This is abundantly clear by the activity on her social media accounts, which sadly she protected or mass deleted things from so no one can see. Luckily I was able to screen grab everything I needed before she did that. These four friends, one of whom doesn’t appear to have ever met her, run multiple social media accounts of their own under her demand. Though she has over 8 thousand followers on twitter she is overly paranoid about everyone. Most people are only around to use her for what she keeps promising she can get them (and repeatedly fails to deliver on).

–Inability to cope with minor problems

TC was in the habit of throwing fits for any given reason. When she threw these fits she would always repeat a story to me about how she once had an ex boyfriend who allegedly strangled her and smashed her head into a wall until she passed out. She would pull out this story on any and all occasions to try to guilt trip me into doing things for her. Sources report that if she is denied something in real life (For example: Someone won’t buy her a toy at the store) she is prone to throwing temper tantrums. Keep in mind this woman is 31 years old. Beyond that, she clearly doesn’t handle her money well and will use her inability to do such as an excuse to throw even more fits attempting to guilt others into doing her bidding.

–Inappropriate responses

On the criteria list this does include laughing/smiling and other emotional outbursts that I was unable to witness beyond hearing a tone of voice. However, via skype messaging it was already mentioned that she talked in third person. A lot. To a disturbing level. She also would enter livestream chatrooms while episodes of Hannibal were playing and talk about herself as if she were in the episode. I do not have any proof of that but I do have proof of her “Freddie Speak” and there is a lot of it.

–Neglect in self-care- i.e. hygiene, clothing, or appearance

Before she shut down her instagram, it was easy to see that she was neglecting her hygiene and self care. One wonders if this is because TC is very poor at managing money and doesn’t have any clothes, however there really is no excuse for her to be in the same dirty wig all the time. The wig that she will claim up and down is her own hair. Over my time browsing her pictures, what little there were to be had, I noticed that she was always in the same shirt, wig, shoes, and tights. The only thing that seemed to change (kind of) was the gloves she wore. It is painfully obvious this girl is rather neglectful of her own appearance and there is only one picture I can recall of her being in a different shirt.

TCInsta12 TCInsta5

–Increased withdrawal, spending most of the days alone.

When I first met TC, she surrounded herself with a lot of people. From her original staff of around 20, she dropped down to maybe 3-4 by season three. She was extremely paranoid that everyone was out to get her. Though she had some right to be paranoid, seeing as most of her staff did end up turning against her (for obvious reasons) she also believes people in the real world are coming to get her. She won’t go out without Lauren there to babysit her (or Gail not sure how much she leaves) and as of now she’s shut down her website. About six months prior to that she had shut down both of her tumblr blogs. Her twitter remained active but only for about five minutes a day. This happened around the time I started to claim I believed she was a woman named Jen Cornet who would have behaved exactly how TC is behaving now.

–Rapidly changing mood- from happy to sad to angry for no apparent reason

Nearly every time I talked to TC either via text on Skype or via voice conversation (Voice chat) this would happen. She’d go from completely fine to hating me in a heartbeat. One night we were just having a discussion and suddenly she started screaming at me for being angry with her. No idea what I said or did. Though I attempted to calm her by informing her I wasn’t angry, she didn’t believe me. At that point she spent about 10-15 minutes sobbing about how her boyfriend had tried to kill her at some point (allegedly) and I muted the conversation. When I came back she was still talking and didn’t seem to notice I had left. This wasn’t uncommon for her. The next night she apologized and said that she didn’t think I was a monster, a nickname she was fond of calling me. That or demon. Even though before 2014 I had never spoken to her she believed I was out to get her because of things she’d heard from other people not personal interactions we’d ever had. Obviously she has a reason to hate me at this point but in 2014 she didn’t know anywhere near enough about me to have such a fear of my presence.


–Sudden irritability, anger, hostility, suspiciousness, resentment

I think that this one is covered by the bulk of this post but, it bares to repeat. She was very much like this. See above where she randomly attacked me thinking I was angry at her in the course of a normal conversation then later apologized. This was something she did to a lot of people. Two of my sources report being instantly interrogated when they tried to talk to Lauren via social media to compliment her on her art. She is very suspicious of everyone and when you call her out on this behavior she explains it away as, “Oh I’m just very protective of my staff”, when no one actually needs to be THAT level of protective over any other person.

–Speaking in an abstract or tangential way. Odd use of words or language structure

Once again, already covered but her weird “Freddie Speak” or the little girl voices she would do when she wanted something. You can also see a few videos of her talking to a doll as if it’s real, fake bribing the production company, and on the phone talking to one of the cast members as if he’s the actual character. Just to hear her voice denotes some level of disconnect from reality on her part.

(View One Of The Videos Here)


–Overpowering, intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you

This was mentioned to me a lot. The ex boyfriend who allegedly tried to kill her? He was also allegedly stalking her (with no proof of this and sources say it’s 100% not true). She also believed for some reason I had personally and intentionally tracked down all of her “staff” season 1 and harassed them on purpose (her as well). TC also believed that a bunch of anonymous hate she’d gotten via tumblr was me, when in actuality if I had said anything to her I always signed it with my name because I am not a coward. TC thought everyone was turning against her at all times, and this is why she has only 3 people with her now instead of a large group. 

–Thinking people are working together to harass you

As mentioned above, TC had some idea I was working to harass her and her staff before I ever knew they existed. She also constantly interrogates people who are known associates of me or work with me. She has accused many others of working against her that have no actual connection to me. In season 2 when we first met she was convinced some random person who had purchased art from Lauren was trying to stalk and kidnap her when there was no actual reason to believe that. She has fabricated stories from half truths to tell people about how harassed she is, when in actuality most people barely know her website ever even existed.

image image

–Delusions of reference- thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you

This can be seen best in how she is convinced that her father or Freddie’s father is some random character from some random movie that she randomly tied into Hannibal. There is no rhyme or reason for these two things to line up. The thing is, she will very much insist that these characters exist in the same universe and in some cases are very real. Though the Zodiac Killer happened in 1968 and is real, and in no way ties into Hannibal Lecter or the very fictional universe of Thomas Harris she will claim that they are one in the same and even has Lauren draw fan art for her so she can “prove it”.

TCDad2 TCDad1

–Delusions of grandeur- the belief that you have an important mission, special purpose, or are an unrecognized genius, or famous person.

TC always had this idea (and probably still does) that she would be hired by Bryan Fuller to officially work for NBC. She also thinks that she’s going to be a famous photographer/writer/something. She believes that she will be the first fan hired to do something professionally for one of Bryan’s TV shows. Among all of those claims she also made several claims of having several jobs that there’s no possible way she could have had and claimed to have abilities that were unusual. Usually only after I brought them up in conversation.

–Conversations that seem deep, but are not logical or coherent

Most of her conversations were like this. Usually her explaining some sort of obsession of hers. Sources report having to listen to her explain to them things about perfume, dish towels, and other sundry items she was intent on purchasing. There were many times she talked about dragons, spirits, or mythical creatures. Even her own background that she wrote for Freddie Lounds is completely incoherent as in none of it makes sense and is completely implausible to the character of Freddie Lounds in the show.

Screen shot 2016-01-17 at 1.37.41 AM Screen shot 2016-01-17 at 2.44.19 AM

Many of her staff (former) question where she is getting any of this completely arbitrary information or how she came up with it beyond the fact that she seems to have a bizarre obsession with Robert Downey Junior and at few of her former staff report her trying to claim that he was her father. To me she did claim on several occasions her father was rich/famous but I also wouldn’t know who he was and he was trying to screw her out of her inheritance.

–Suicidal thoughts or suicidal ideation

She had a preoccupation with death. Freddie Lounds was scripted to die in the show and when TC was aware of this she told me that she would kill herself when/if Freddie was killed because her life would be over. She claimed that Freddie WAS her and detailed specific plans to me of how she’d kill herself when the character was killed because it would be like killing her. In season 2 after Freddie “died” and it was fake (which she knew of ahead of time, as in Bryan Fuller told her it was fake and then she told me before it happened) she still had a funeral for the character. An actual funeral at an actual church that her staff was forced to attend. One where she also printed out these booklets. This shot was taken from Roxy’s account before Roxy protected it so no one could see how incredibly weird this situation it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 3.25.44 AM

Also no one is quite sure where she came up with the middle name Michelle as it is not canon to the character and no one ever used that name in the show.

–Severe Anxiety

I think that’s been touched upon enough with how little TC liked to leave the house. Early on, Lauren reported being basically trapped in there unless she agreed to take TC somewhere. It’s rare that you see TC outside of her house and before Lauren came around to be her personal taxi driver she didn’t leave. Lauren complained about how much they stayed in the house and how she had to beg them to go out. TC was also prone to having random panic attacks, screaming herself into literal seizures, and not ever explaining why or what was upsetting her.

–Hypersensitivity to criticism, insults, or hurt feelings

When I first met TC and I tried to offer her help with how she portrayed Freddie Lounds she took it as a personal insult. This also led to more tantrum throwing and fits. When I sent her my letter urging her to get help she reportedly locked herself in a bathroom for a few hours screaming and crying threatening to kill herself. She later tried to pretend that she was completely fine with it and I was the ridiculous one. If you attempt to tell her that she doesn’t role play well, she will scream at you or deem you as one of her “stalkers”. She absolutely can’t take criticism of any sort and the people around her avoid telling her anything bad about herself to also avoid the massive tantrums she will throw if you try to correct her. At one point she attempted to lecture me on how to pronounce the word “Kimono” even though there was nothing wrong about how I was saying it.

About the middle of the relationship in the time I knew her, she tried to convince me I as Abigail Hobbs. A character from the show I hate. Her reasoning being that I only hate her because I AM her and I needed to accept that. When I tried to explain her logic was stupid, her and her girlfriend who I’m only allowed to call Hannibal, got irrationally upset and yelled at me. After that point I was ordered never to say anything bad about Abigail again because it would make Gail very upset and possibly violent. When I told her I hated the movie “Zodiac” (the one that she loves and thinks her father is in) she had an irrational screaming fit as well. Sources report to me that when they were on her staff she attempted to get them to read American Gods and when a few of them told her they weren’t going to do that (or flat out the book was stupid) she got extremely pissy with them. Her ideas cannot be challenged no matter how awful they are or you are going to get an earful.

–Sleep disturbances- insomnia or excessive sleeping

As you can see, most of the timestamps on the chat transcripts are very early morning or late at night. She would have her staff up at all hours of the night doing things for her. Early on Lauren reported having to do art very late into the night because TC would be standing over her shoulder enforcing it as a rule. On Roxy’s tumblr account you can see that their activities are all done mostly at night. She would sleep for days at a time later coming back to claim that she had been sick or busy when she was actually just asleep. Sometimes she would claim that she didn’t like sleeping as when she woke up she thought she was dead. She claimed a diagnosis of “Cotards” but seeing as how that was the trendy and VERY RARE disorder featured on Hannibal in season one, chances are very unlikely she has that and sometimes people can mistake schizophrenia for Cotards (misdiagnosis) or believe they have that instead because some of the symptoms can be similar. After reading the criteria list for that disease myself I can safely say she doesn’t have it.

The following symptoms overlap with many other diseases such as bipolar disorder, major depression, the various kinds of personality disorders (specifically paranoid and schizotypal personality disorders), and other problems such as brain tumors and temporal lobe epilepsy. There is no “typical” case of schizophrenia. Everyone has different symptoms. Keep in mind this is merely a theory and I can’t say much more as I haven’t personally been able to observe her face (never shows it to anyone and she stays hidden) but what I can say is if this isn’t what is specifically wrong with her she’s at very least got some sort of severe mental disturbance that she’s not being treated for.


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