This website is presented mostly as editorial. Though I do have a lot of proof to back up what I’m saying (Skype conversations and other posts from social media) a lot of what I’m saying should be taken with a grain of salt. Though I 100% will testify in court that the events happened as I am describing I admit that they are merely hearsay considering that there is no way to prove conversations happened that were not recorded. Names have been changed to protect the ones I believe are innocent. Any information provided about Tattle-Crime is information that is public access or is completely false anyway and can’t be used to actually find her.

This website exists as a monument and testimony to the woman who is criminally insane, as well as her partner, and the weird and obsessive online community that protects her instead of doing the right thing and shunning her as well as turning her into police. If there is a God perhaps someone over at NBC will see this and cut her off before she can actually harm herself or someone within her general vicinity. This woman is a ticking time bomb it’s only a matter of time until she explodes.

Events that were related to me by other people were just that, I’m only going on what they said. They have provided proof of these things happening but as they wish to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons) I am keeping them as such. Any statements I make on Tattle-Crime’s mental state are theories from observations, things Tattle-Crime told me herself, and things other people who have known her observed or said. Quite a few of my accusations can be seen as speculation but as I do have witnesses that I can call in to help me should I be asked to testify, I am sure enough that what I tell can be confirmed as truth if push comes to shove.

In the end, Tattle-Crime isn’t going to do anything about this because she’s well aware that I am telling the truth and this is the last thing she wants people to know. That and to sue me would be forcing her to reveal her real name and address to me which means I can report her to police immediately after that, as well as counter sue her in a lawsuit she could never win in the first place. I have provided as much proof as I can as well as things that are my own memory. Keep in mind this isn’t ALL 100% confirmed but it’s as close as I can get to the truth without having any actual information on these people.

In addition:

Though the Hannibal fandom boasts itself as the “politest” fandom around, the true story behind it is much more sinister. Here we will detail all of the real faces behind the real fandom and just how ugly things can get. Run by three different moderators and owned by three different people. Please do not attack one person for the sake of the group as you are accustomed to doing. We know because other sites about this already exists.


Hannibalverse.co.uk claims that we are “Trying to steal her site” when in reality what’s going on is she’s trying to steal ours. We are not affiliated with Amber Dunn, the Fannibal Archive, or anyone else (nor do we wish to be). All articles posted here are known as truth (to the best of our own abilities and posted with links and screenshots where applicable) that way they cannot hide their behavior. Of course, with any “one sided story” not all of it can be completely factual and some is left up to speculation so take everything with a grain of salt and recognize this site is also a bit of editorial commentary as well.



Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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