Mission Statement On This Website:

People probably wonder why I’m doing this, why we ARE ALL doing this because there are people helping me and as I’ve said I’m not naming names because Tattle-Crime WILL go after them and attack them for it. The reason this is being done is because we want her to get mental help. We also want Lauren to wake up and realize that she’s in a very unhealthy relationship with a very unstable woman. Though I suppose this could be seen as harassment, this page really only exists to draw attention to how mentally ill this woman is, how little treatment she’s getting, and the fact that this needs to stop being ignored.

Instead of helping her, the fandom, the creators, and the cast feed into her delusions. This isn’t roleplay this isn’t a game. To her this is her real life. She wallpapers her house with Hannibal stuff. She has other people run her accounts so she can literally LIVE her life AS Freddie. She thinks she IS Freddie. She is also using these delusions to harm and trick others. She is NOT okay. This is NOT an okay thing to be doing to herself or to anyone around her. The reason why this page exists is to show people that she’s very sick. I already attempted first hand to write her a letter back when we were friends telling her to PLEASE get therapy. The moment I did that was the moment she turned against me. She is sick, everyone knows it, and she needs to get therapy. If you know her and you are seeing this it would be best if you just get her to a hospital because that’s the ONLY thing that will fix her at this point. If you fail to do so, it’ll end up being too late. No one wants that, even with as disgusting as I find her I’d much prefer she get help than to end up in a very bad place. A woman like her isn’t headed for a good end, we can prevent tragedy if we stand up to her and force her to get help.

It’s baffling to me how ignored this is when it couldn’t be more clear just by her own accounts that she is very, VERY insane.

Screen shot 2016-01-08 at 3.57.17 PM


Tattle On Tattle-Crime:

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